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Autonomous, agile quadrotor flight raises fundamental challenges for robotics research in terms of perception, planning, learning, and control. A versatile and standardized platform is needed to accelerate research and let practitioners focus on the core problems. To this end, we present Agilicious, a codesigned hardware and software framework tailored to autonomous, agile quadrotor flight. It is completely open source and open hardware and supports both model-based and neural network–based controllers. Also, it provides high thrust-to-weight and torque-to-inertia ratios for agility, onboard vision sensors, graphics processing unit (GPU)–accelerated compute hardware for real-time perception and neural network inference, a real-time flight controller, and a versatile software stack. In contrast to existing frameworks, Agilicious offers a unique combination of flexible software stack and high-performance hardware. We compare Agilicious with prior works and demonstrate it on different agile tasks, using both model-based and neural network–based controllers. Our demonstrators include trajectory tracking at up to 5g and 70 kilometers per hour in a motion capture system, and vision-based acrobatic flight and obstacle avoidance in both structured and unstructured environments using solely onboard perception. Last, we demonstrate its use for hardware-in-the-loop simulation in virtual reality environments. Because of its versatility, we believe that Agilicious supports the next generation of scientific and industrial quadrotor research.

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