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According to a physicist, humans have a small chance to go to other worlds unknowingly through the power of quantum physics. This window could, for example, make a person wake up in the harsh environment of Mars rather than in their bedroom.

The expert said that the tiny but calculable probability could let quantum waves modify space-time and warp a tunnel through it, leading us to be transported to the Martian planet effortlessly.

The famous Michio Kaku is the physicist who theorized this bizarre but fascinating possibility. According to the scientist, he always gives his students exercises related to quantum physics. One of the equations he asks his students to construct is the same as the scenario he believes is possible: to calculate the likelihood of us waking up on Mars tomorrow while presenting all the corresponding causes that exist throughout what we know as the 'multiverse.'

The idea is somewhat strange for many, but Kaku provided several pointers anchored to quantum physics that make it doable in a report by the New York Times.

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