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A California-based firm, Mojo Vision, has been creating intelligent contact lenses since 2015. Similar to smart glasses, the goal is to project practical augmented reality (AR) images in front of your eyes to assist in carrying out daily chores. Thanks to a working prototype, people are now closer to seeing a finished product.

This month, Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkins announced in a blog post that they were the first to conduct an "on-eye demonstration of a feature-complete augmented reality smart contact lens." He said in a CNET interview that he wears just one contact at a time for intervals of an hour. According to the article, Mojo Vision eventually wants customers to be able to wear two Mojo Lens at once and generate 3D visual overlays.

While the technology is still far from perfect, Extreme Tech said Mojo Vision is making progress toward creating a practical device that may receive FDA clearance. To ensure users can wear the Mojo lens for longer periods without any problems, the business aims to conduct more clinical tests.

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