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With faster speeds and the ability to run multiple algorithms at one time, quantum computers will be able to help solve some of the biggest technological issues our society faces. Because quantum computers rely on what are called qubits–atoms that possess a nuclear magnetic spin level that is manipulated in order to achieve the qubit state–unique things occasionally happen within these devices.

Case in point, during one recent study physicists were able to create a strange, newly seen phase of matter with two possible time dimensions, all by beaming a

The dimension of time has often been a puzzling variable for physicists when studying how the universe works. Called the fourth dimension, time flows unilaterally, making it seem impossible that there would be more than one time dimension.

Yet, physicists have long speculated that there may be more than one dimension of time. These extra dimensions may be similar or more compact, depending on which theory you subscribe to. For the researchers looking at the quantum computer, this second time dimension seemed to lengthen the amount of time the qubit could be analyzed.

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