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Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a new method of producing imagery with a range of unique color-changing properties, which they say combines 21st-century holographic technology with a 19th-century photography technique.

The MIT scientists were recently able to print large-scale images of flower bouquets onto an elastic material that transforms the colors and wavelengths of light that are reflected once it is stretched. The result of this unique photographic printing technique is that the images appear to change shades from warmer to cooler colors as the unique, pliable film is stretched.

Similar effects were successfully achieved with detailed images of objects that included coins, berries, and even a human fingerprint. The MIT now says that they have created the first fully scalable technique that allows the production of large printed materials possessing “structural color,” which they define as color properties determined by the microstructure of the material itself, as opposed to pigmentation or dyes.

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