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A single protein can more effectively modulate aging signals compared to a group, according to researchers from the University of Cologne.

In a recent study, researchers have discovered the protein CHIP can control life-prolonging signals - like insulin receptors - in the cell better alone than in pairs.

The results were published in the journal Molecular Cell on August 25.

In cellular stress situations, CHIP is most often seen as a homodimer, a connection of two identical proteins. Its main function is to destroy damaged and improperly folded proteins. CHIP purifies the cell in this way, as per the statement.

To accomplish this, CHIP works with helper proteins to bind misfolded proteins with chains of the tiny protein ubiquitin.

The cell, as a result, recognizes and eliminates damaged proteins. Furthermore, CHIP regulates the transmission of the insulin receptor's signal. Life-extending gene products cannot be activated because CHIP attaches to the receptor and breaks it down.

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