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A team of researchers from Tsinghua University, working with a colleague from Jilin University, has developed a new 3D nanoprinting technique that uses semiconducting quantum dots. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their new technique and provides examples of resulting 3D objects. Jia-Ahn Pan and Dmitri Talapin with the University of Chicago provide a Perspective piece in the same journal issue regarding more versatile 3D printing devices and the work done by the team on this new effort.

The use of 3D printing to make three-dimensional objects has expanded greatly over the past decade, leading to new products and faster ways to create demonstration objects. But, as the researchers with this new effort note, 3D printers primarily use materials based on polymers, limiting the type of products that can be made. Manufacturers say they would buy 3D printers capable of printing products with optical or . In this new effort, the researchers in China have taken a big step in that direction.

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