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According to Professor Ardemis Boghossian of EPFL's School of Basic Sciences, they were able to place a nanotube inside a bacteria. Bacteria Synechocystis and Nostoc are being studied and have shown promising results in bacteria illumination and photovoltaic living.

Boghossian's research, published in Nature Nanotechnology, is centered on nanobionic technologies. This technology combines the benefits of both the living and non-living worlds. Her research includes the nanomaterial applications of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), which are carbon atom tubes with intriguing mechanical and optical properties.

SWCNTs are ideal for new applications in nanobiotechnology due to their properties. One example is the benefit it provides when inserted into mammalian cells. According to the findings, SWCNT aided in the monitoring of the cell via near-infrared imaging. It then led to technologies used for genome editing and delivering therapeutic drugs.

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