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Humans could soon communicate with animals, as scientists worldwide are using artificial intelligence to speak to bees, elephants and whales, but one expert fears the power could be used to manipulate the wild species. 

Speaking in an interview with Vox, Karen Bakker from the University of British Columbia said a researcher team in Germany is using AI to decode patterns in nonhuman sound, such as the waggle dance of honeybees and the low-frequency noises of elephants, which enables the technology to not just communicate, but also control the wild animals.

Bakker explained that the animal speaking AI can be added to robots that can 'essentially breach the barrier of interspecies communication,' but she also notes the breakthrough raises ethical questions.

Enabling humans to speak with different species could create a 'deeper sense of kinship, or a sense of dominion and manipulative ability to domesticate wild species that we've never as humans been able to previously control.'

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