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With all of the successes SpaceX has had recently – even the recent explosion upon landing of a Starship SN8 was spun into a success — it’s easy to forget the company had a number of significant failures on the road to stardom. One of those was a SpaceX 9 Falcon rocket explosion during a prelaunch test in September 2016 – an event whose video showed a mysterious UFO near the rocket … a UFO that even CEO Elon Musk could not rule out as a possible cause. While the explosion was eventually traced to the rupture of a helium-filled pressure vessel, the UFO was never explained – leaving it open to conspiracy theories. Those conspiracies came back recently when a video taken the day before the SN8 explosion – on December 8 when the launch was delayed for a day – shows a glowing orb over the ill-fated rocket. Are these connectable dots? If so, who or what is monitoring SpaceX’s failures?

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