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Now is not the time to talk about UFOs.

COVID-19 is still permeating every facet of society. Evansville hospitals are packed, families are struggling to pay bills and Congress is useless.

But amid all that, the thought of interplanetary war is almost comforting. At least it would be a change of pace.

And this year, the U.S. government came as close as it’s ever come to admitting extraterrestrials exist. Over the summer, the New York Times claimed the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force may start releasing information on the UFO sightings it’s apparently studied for years.

Former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he hoped it would “seek evidence of vehicles from other worlds,” the paper reported.

That was just a blip on the apocalyptic news cycle of 2020. But who knows? If the pandemic recedes, we may have another big story on our hands.

There are slews of Evansville-area UFO sightings that deserve more attention. Some are already well-known – the Hopkinsville Goblins, etc. – but others briefly lit up headlines before being dismissed and forgotten.

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