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When it comes to UFOs and aliens, I've always been fascinated. As a child, I read and watched everything I could find. Whether it was every Scholastic book about aliens or every alien-related episode of the television series,  In Search Of..., I was obsessed.

I even had an encounter with a UFO when I was around 10 years old. It happened late at night as we were outside trying to round up some cows that had broke through the fence around the barn lot. My horse had followed the cows through the open fencing and had made her way into the wide-open field beside our house. Every time I would try to lure her back to the barn, she would try and play keep-away with me. As I tried to get close to her, she led me further into the field. The rest of my family was in the back part of the barn lot, so I was totally alone, in the dark night, chasing down my silly horse.


What I saw that night, so many years ago, has left a lasting impression on me. I saw a series of lights, traveling through the sky, in a perfectly aligned formation. It was as if the ship itself was invisible. I could see the night sky and stars through the formation of lights. I also hear a low and faint humming sound, unlike anything I had ever heard before. The lights seemed to be hovering very low. I was so drawn to what I was witnessing, I felt as if I could reach up and touch the unknown vessel.

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