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The team behind Discovery+'s Expedition Bigfoot has collected some new DNA evidence that could link back to the elusive woodland creature.

The crew on the show consists of four key researchers, Bryce Johnson who does expedition operations, Dr. Mireya Mayor who is a primatologist, Russell Acord the ex-military/survivalist, and Ronny LeBlanc a Bigfoot researcher. During a two-month research journey that started in Kentucky and switched mid-expedition to Washington state, the crew used the latest and most advanced technology to try to track down Bigfoot.

During their time in Kentucky, Dr. Mayor and LeBlanc collected soil from under a massive tree structure deep in the wilderness of the Appalachian highlands. The eDNA, or Environmental DNA that was in the soil is what is being researched heavily. This eDNA is genetic material naturally left behind by animals in the environment, and scientific analysis of it can help identify living creatures that came in contact with it. IT is a revolutionary new tool that is being increasingly used to confirm the presence of elusive animals, like Bigfoot.

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