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oe Rogan often talks about the supernatural on his show, whether it’s UFOs and aliens or other mysteries. During a recent conversation with fellow standup comedian Nate Bargatze, Rogan talked about a record that purports to be of bigfoot or giant apes in California that he says is the “weirdest s*** ever.” The recordings are known as the “Samurai Sounds” or “Sierra Sounds.”

The conversation on the March 17, 2021, episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” began with the comedians talking about Les Stroud, the host of the TV show “Survivorman.” Rogan told Bargatze, “I love Les Stroud. Love him. Love ‘Survivorman.’ But that show was so f****** dumb. He had a guy on the show that is known in the bigfoot world as being full of s***. Which is bad. The bigfoot world is pretty openminded.”

Rogan then mentioned the audio recording supposedly taken in the 1970s in northern California, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, “These guys had this spot they would go in the mountains where they would hunt every year. And they built this structure out there and then they brought recording equipment and they claim to have recorded sounds of these animals, these bigfoot. These bigfoot were around them all the time while they were out there. What’s crazy about it is the sounds are so weird. It sounds like someone pretending to be Japanese who doesn’t actually speak Japanese. It’s the weirdest s***.”

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