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Legend has it that supernatural activities occur on a piece of land surrounded by the Ute Indian Reservation in the Uintah Basin of Utah called Skinwalker Ranch.

Brandon Fugal, described it this way; “If you pull up Google Earth and you locate the exact center of the Uintah Basin it happens to fall on a unique piece of property that I acquired roughly five years ago.”

Brandon Fugal bought the land five years ago and brought in a team of scientists to see if the legends were true.  He continued telling me; “This five hundred- and twelve-acre assemblage has become really the sight on not only global interest but is the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot on the planet.” 

The property is the subject of an investigative series on the History Channel. called “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”.

We had an extended conversation that comprises this nearly thirty minute episode of Jessop’s Journal. Please note, I did a separate Jessop’s Journal story on Brandon’s business dealings as the commercial real estate mogul of Utah that you can watch by CLICKING HERE.

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