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By this point, most of our regular readers are likely already aware of the pending report to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee from the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UFOs). It’s expected to be delivered by June 25th and should, if the Pentagon complies with the Senate’s instructions, provide a current assessment of what our military and the federal government either know or suspect about the unidentified vehicles that have been flitting around our restricted airspace for quite some time now. The idea that the unclassified version of the report will contain astounding, earth-shattering information isn’t held by many serious observers, and some have suggested that the report may not be delivered at all. But by this point, three former Directors of National Intelligence have given public interviews declaring their belief that the report will indeed arrive and that the military is likely to say that whatever those things are, they’re not ours and they don’t believe that we think it’s the Russians or the Chinese either.

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