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History is full of odd and eccentric individuals. Countless people have managed to make their mark with their odd behavior, abilities, claims, and achievements, very often scurrying off into the mists of time to leave behind more questions than answers, their stories cut short and incomplete. One such strange individual went out into a desert in South America, built a UFO landing pad, and then vanished off the face of the earth to take any answers to his bizarreness with him to never be known.

Not known is much about the earlier life of the man named Werner Jaisli, and he seems to have been pretty much a nobody until one day in 2008, when he had a life-changing experience. Jaisli had travelled from his native Switzerland to the country of Argentina, where he seems to have been living at the time in the town of Forte Alto. On the evening of November 24, 2008, he was hanging out with his neighbor Luis when the power suddenly cut out and the night fell completely silent. He would say of what happened next:

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