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Canada’s military is being notified when pilots spot UFOs in Canadian airspace, VICE World News has found.

According to an aviation incident report viewed by VICE World News, the crew of a medical transport flight over northern Manitoba “reported that an inexplicable bright light followed them… at the same altitude and speed” well before sunrise on Jan. 6, 2019.

That morning, civilian air traffic controllers alerted the 21 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron, a nearly 200-strong Air Force unit at the CFB North Bay military base in northeastern Ontario. The unit’s mission is to protect Canada under NORAD, the joint Canada-U.S. air defence pact. It then faxed an unclassified intelligence report to Ottawa. 

The intelligence report, obtained by an access to information request, is official proof the Canadian military is documenting unidentified aerial phenomena—a significant finding that puts Canada in line with other countries. The existence of a U.S. UFO-tracking program was revealed in 2017 by the New York Times.

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