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UFOs. Are you among the Believers? Are you among the Deniers? Do you find yourself curious but among those who are simply unsure? Join the club. Any of them. There is little argument, however, that there have been more reported UFO sightings and therefore activity since the pandemic took hold last spring.

Recently, our very own US Military declassified some video footage of what appears to be very remarkable unidentified flying objects presenting themselves and the very best military intelligence the US has to offer - has no explanation, whatsoever. At least, not one they've been willing to share. Could the declassification of these video images be intended to prime our minds for the bombshell report that's apparently coming out in June? I don't know. But I do know that some of the UFOs in these videos bear a striking resemblance to something we saw here in Yakima less than a year ago.

Last June, you may remember we experienced quite a lightning storm here in the Valley. Many pictures were snapped of the flashes in the sky and lightning bolts touching down with spectacular force. A few pictures I saw which were posted on a local Facebook Group Page - caught my eye in particular. These were perhaps not the best quality pics of the storm, but they had something in them that none of the others did. UFOs. Check those out carefully:

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