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During Project Unity’s recent interview with Franc Milburn and Bob McGwier, the trio went in depth to break down Milburn’s recent explainer on UAP-TF for the Begin-Sadat Center For Strategic Studies. In my opinion, the paper functions as an extremely detailed (and relatively concise) breakdown of the relevant facts, current thinking and unknowns surrounding UAP. If you have not already read the paper, you should absolutely set aside some time to do so. Franc mentioned a heavy Keith Basterfield influence to his research and it shows. The paper is absolutely filled to the brim with details that may have gone unnoticed to all but the most hardcore enthusiasts and researchers. Franc also manages to obtain some really interesting email correspondence from the likes of Eric Davis and Jack Sarfatti. This paper shouldn’t be allowed to fall by the wayside. Serious estimates about UAP reality, characteristics, and origins are not published by internationally recognized strategic think-tanks every day. Likewise, this interview from Project Unity was absolutely phenomenal. I continue to be surprised by Jay’s ability to ask the right questions. His serious attention to detail and competence in these interviews is exactly what we need right now.

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