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He doesn’t run the Pentagon’s secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) UFO investigation program anymore, but former head Luis Elizondo still commands attention when he talks about anything having to do with unidentified aerial phenomena and the U.S. government’s involvement with them – whether it’s Navy pilots and crew members seeing them, the government refusing to talk about them and anything in between. That’s why he’s in the news this week – Elizondo is weighing in on the promised (by the Trump administration) release of evidence and reports about UAPs by US intelligence agencies in June.

“This isn’t a silly conversation. This is a conversation about someone, somewhere displaying beyond-next-generation technology in our controlled airspace, and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it. And what I would do is submit to you that if we just take the word UFO out of it, just say Russia or China has the ability to fly in our airspace unimpeded. And without detection, within minutes of taking off. That’s a real problem.”

In a news conference this week, Elizondo answered reports’ questions about the national security implications of foreign – earthly or extraterrestrial – aircraft in U.S. airspace that not only show up undetected but outperform our own by an order of magnitude or more in speed and maneuverability.

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