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In Canada, the first documented wave of UFO sightings happened around 1914. In Ontario and Quebec in particular, dozens of reports were made of mysterious craft which sometimes dropped fireballs onto the ground below. In one instance, sightings of these things became so heavy that the army posted marksmen around Parliament Hill just in case.

Did people think they were seeing space aliens? No; they thought they were seeing secret flying machines dispatched to Canada by Imperial Germany. No such machines existed, of course, but everyone was freaked out about the First World War, and soon every balloon, kite or passing automobile was being reported as an invading Zeppelin.

The moral of the story? People are suggestible: If your neighbour Jim tells you he just saw the Kaiser bomb his chicken coop, your chances of magically seeing the same thing just went up.

And UFOs have been getting a lot of very compelling press lately. In April of last year, the U.S. Navyofficially released three videos taken by their pilots showing mysterious aircraft exhibiting qualities not known in any human-built machines. Then, just this month, the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of a video showing a blinking triangular object in the sky.

Now remember: The U.S. military makes it their business to identify weird things in the sky, just in case they have to shoot it down. And twice in the past 12 months they’ve said “hey everybody, here’s some stuff we totally can’t identify.”

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