Former President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to release all of its information on “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) within 18 days in his last coronavirus relief bill in December. The Pentagon’s brief into “observed airborne objects that have not been identified” is expected to be released this June, and comes after videos were released by the US showing UFO’s around Navy warships.

Cristina Gomez, host of Paradigm Shifts UFO Channel on YouTube, said the reports release could be dangerous if it confirms the existence of alien technology on Earth.

However, she also expects the US would not give “full disclosure” if the report finds extra-terrestrials, suggesting the Pentagon would likely describe any UAPs as “suspected foreign adversary drone technologies, rather than mentioning them as having an 'Off-World' origin".

She added: “If a government was to acquire concrete evidence that these craft that are flying in our skies and travelling in our oceans are originating from one or more extra-terrestrial civilisations, it would be entirely prudent of them to investigate whether or not they represented an existential threat to us as a species.

“And this I imagine would be the very first pressing concern they would have regarding the presence of such visitors to our world.

"I can imagine then that the entire subject would receive the very highest security classification during that investigative process.”

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