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Suffolk’s Rendlesham Forest grabbed the attention of UFO hunters back in the 1980s when US military personnel stationed there claimed they had witnessed some mysterious bright lights and a triangular object at the site for several nights. The incident wasn't deemed as posing any significant threat by the defence authorities.

The Rendlesham Forest incident has taken a new turn: photos allegedly showing the same UFO spotted by the team of Colonel Charles Halt, the deputy base commander of RAF Bentwaters located near the spooky woods, have emerged online.

A witness, known only as “John The Poacher”, has shared the black and white photos through the UFO Casebook website, allegedly showing a mysterious round object hovering around in the woods on the night of 28 December 1980. The man said that he was just some 200 meters away from a group of US military personnel led by Halt when he took the bombshell images at the Rendlesham Forest after he went poaching that day.

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