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A woman in Bradford on Saturday made claims that she’s been abducted by ­aliens nearly 50 times, adding that the mysterious creatures had also introduced her to the technological aspects of the UFO. In her statement to the British media outlets, the 50-year-old Paula Smith said that she has evidence of bruises and has encountered aliens since when she was a child. Further, the British woman also produced strange photographs that showed what the salients that she had claimed she was abducted by, may have looked like. The photographs depicted the silver-coloured creatures, which the woman described were inside a ‘spaceship’. 

Paula said that she has had at least 52 paranormal encounters without warnings. “I can’t sense anything,” she told the UK broadcasters adding that the incident had repeatedly occurred to her and she had to train herself not to freak out. “otherwise I’d go crazy,” she said. The woman also said that she was the victim of humour or people around her mostly would not believe her stories. Paula has been employed at the transport sector and asserts her claims as ‘true’, according to her statement to the UK outlets. Her claim is only one of the many that have mounted over the years about the sightings of the spaceships, UFO and strange objects' sightings reported.

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