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China may now possess hypersonic missiles and have eclipsed us on the artificial intelligence front, but the Chinese didn't develop UFOs, and neither did Russia.  There's definitely something going on up there that we need to figure out in the name of national security.  This needs to happen ASAP because various members of the armed forces have stated that incidents continue to increase.

China is putting A.I. to work on the problem.  That's something we should definitely do as well.  We certainly have plenty of radar, FLIR, and other data that A.I. would be perfect to analyze in ways (and at speeds) people simply cannot.

Mystery Wire posted a video of an event held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. The speakers and statements are worthy of note.  The statements come from military types, those with direct knowledge and in a position to know.  Here's a fairly terrifying quote that also proves the point that none of our conventional adversaries are behind UFOs.

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