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The only thing stranger than Bigfoot is perhaps the fringe phenomenon of Bigfoot and UFOs. It is all a pretty weird mix to be sure, that these entities might be connected to the UFO mystery as a whole, but there are plenty of instances of Bigfoot and other ape-man things being seen in relation to UFOs. Here we will look at a selection of such cases, which really go into the weirdest of the weird. 

In 1964, a Major General Sam Weaver was employed at Brooks Air Force Base, in San Antonio, Texas, and it was here that he heard from a colleague of a very strange story, indeed. According to a fellow member of the personnel there had been a document kept at the base that outlined how a hairy humanoid creature had been found in 1962 by members of a security team within the thick forest that surrounded NASA's historic John H. Glenn Research Center. According to the tale, security forces had found the beast after one nigh witnessing a blue orb of light circling the base at low altitude. Apparently guards at the base opened fire at this object, and the next day when the scene was investigated they found a colossal hairy humanoid creature lying on the ground, which looked very much like a human-looking gorilla. It was described as being 9 feet tall and weighing over 500 pounds, with 32 teeth and vocal chords that were noted as being similar to those of humans, and weirdest of all was that there was found to be a strange metallic device surgically implanted in the lower section of the creature's left arm. After this, it is unclear what become of this alleged corpse.

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