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While UFO sightings in Canada have come down from pre-pandemic levels, Alberta remains near the top reporting provinces.

Those numbers come as the issue of unidentified aerial phenomenon is being taken more seriously by the media and politicians, the latter who have been feeling increasing pressure to investigate them.

Depending on the data set and time frame, Albertans have ranked third or fourth among Canadians in reporting strange sights in the sky.

One set of numbers posted by the U.S.-based"}">National UFO Reporting Centre, which draws reports from individuals and government agencies, states Alberta has 655 cases reported since 1952, putting it third in Canada behind Ontario and B.C.

But Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski said that’s only a partial compilation, with his own calculations putting the province in fourth place — consistent with its share of the Canadian population — with about 60 sightings reported in 2020.

“Alberta holds its own,” said Manitoban Rutkowski.

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