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The Scandal in Quantum Theory's Foundations Nov-22-2015
UFO Update Jan 4, 2015 Jan-04-2015
UFO Update Dec 29, 2014 Dec-29-2014
Black Hole Firewall Puzzle, The Golden Calf? Aug-27-2014
Is our universe a conscious hologram? Aug-27-2014
Important new physics on July 7, 2014 Jul-07-2014
Creative tension between gravity and electrodynamics 1 Jun-30-2014
Proof of retrocausality in Aharonov's sense in orthodox quantum theory Part 2 Jun-23-2014
Proof of retrocausality in Aharonov's sense in orthodox quantum theory Jun-04-2014
Report from London May 3, 2014 High Energy Black Hole Hawking Radiation May-03-2014
High energy thermal gravity waves from Milky Way black hole predicted Apr-10-2014
Blackholes evaporate much faster than Hawking first computed Apr-09-2014
Do we live in a block universe hologram? Apr-09-2014
Particle Fever Higgs LHC Mar-31-2014
April Fools Debate with Jim Woodward - but it's no joke. Mar-31-2014
More on meaning of Einstein's General Relativity April 3, 2014 Mar-31-2014
Excerpt from my Stargate book: the hard problem of consciousness Mar-14-2014
James Woodward's mistakes in his Starship Book March 13, 2014 Mar-13-2014
James F. Woodward’s book “Making Starships and Stargates” March 10, 2014 Mar-10-2014
Spooky PK Demonstration Today from a French-Ottoman Royal Mar-09-2014
The Brane of GOD(D) 1 Mar-04-2014
Physical Nature of Consciousness Mar-02-2014
Bub's new paper on back from the future signals Feb-28-2014
Meaning of gauge invariants update jan 17 2014 Jan-17-2014
Physical Meaning of Gauge Invariance in Gravity and EM-WEAK-STRONG Interactions Part 3 Jan-09-2014
Physical Meaning of Gauge Invariance in Gravity and EM-WEAK-STRONG Interactions Part 2 Jan-08-2014
Physical Meaning of Gauge Invariance in Gravity and EM-WEAK-STRONG Interactions Dec-20-2013
Classical Mechanics and Gravity From Newton to Einstein Sarfatti Lecture 12-19-13 Dec-19-2013
100 Year Starship Update Dec 6, 2013 Low Power Warp Drive Dec-06-2013
Dec 6, 2013 more on black hole evaporation lifetime. Did Hawking underestimate it? Dec-06-2013
Dec 5 2013 Revised calculation of black hole evaporation rate - error in Hawking's original? Dec-04-2013
First practical test of a quantum gravity effect - microwaves from 2 solar mass black hole Nov-28-2013
On my discovery of the new higher energy Hawking radiation, history of ER = EPR and Kip Thorne's narrative Nov-27-2013
Did Stephen Hawking Talked To God in November 1970? ;-) Nov-23-2013
John Cramer's alleged claim on retrocausal signaling & Anton Zeilinger Nov-23-2013
Stargate Book as of Nov 21, 2013 evening update Nov-21-2013
New opening of my Stargate book as of Nov 21, 2013 Nov-21-2013
Feeling the Future on Nov 20, 2013 Nov-20-2013
My Stargate book as of November 19, 2013 Nov-19-2013
Sarfatti Commentary on The Black Hole Firewall Puzzle Update Nov 20,2013 V2 Oct-26-2013
Sarfatti Lecture on Einstein's General Relativity Oct 23, 2013 Part 2 Oct-23-2013
Sarfatti Lecture in Einstein's General Theory of Relativity Oct 23, 2013 Oct-23-2013
Sarfatti Lecture on General Relativity Oct 20, 2013 Oct-20-2013
Sarfatti Lecture 1 on General Relativity of Oct 18, 2013 Oct-18-2013
Sarfatti Lecture in General Relativity of Oct 16, 2013 v1 Oct-16-2013
Einstein Geometrodynamics and String Theory v2 math typo corrected Oct-15-2013
Excerpt from my Starship book Oct-10-2013
Excerpt from my Starship book - update Oct 12, 2013 V2 update of update Oct-10-2013
My torsion field warp drive-stargate time travel equations Oct-08-2013
My torsion field warp drive-stargate time travel equations lecture 2 Oct-08-2013
Sarfatti Lectures in Stargate Physics Oct-01-2013
E8 Gravity and the other "forces" Sep-18-2013
Nick Herbert's dinner with John Bell Sep-18-2013
Jim Woodward's Machian-Sciama Model for Inertia Sep-18-2013
Gravity as a Gauge Theory Sep-18-2013
Jewel in the Crown of Quantum Field Theory Sep-18-2013
Error on p. 33 of Jim Woodward's Making Starships book (Springer-Verlag) V2 Sep-12-2013
Paranormal research has better stats than both medical and high energy stats Sep-08-2013
Back From The Future Post-Quantum Command Control Communication Lecture 1 Sep-04-2013
Gary Zukav's Dancing Wu Li Masters - a case study in harmful censorship Aug-31-2013
ER = EPR and Entanglement Signal Nonlocality Aug-31-2013
Dark Energy as Advanced Negative Energy Wheeler-Feynman Hawking Radiation Aug-31-2013
Black hole radiation hitting Earth Aug-21-2013
Lifetime of solar mass black hole if new high temperature Hawking horizon thickness radiation exists Aug-21-2013
Advances in Cosmology August 20, 2013 - a new high energy Hawking radiation component Aug-20-2013
EEG resonant 10 Hertz advanced radiation from our back from the future dark energy horizon Aug-15-2013
John Cramer's paper in Jim Woodward's Starship book Aug-15-2013
John Cramer on James Woodward's Mach Thruster for Spaceships Aug-14-2013
My review of James Woodward's Making Starships and Star Gates V1 under construction Aug-13-2013
The Black Hole War and Firewall Aug-13-2013
The black hole firewall paradox Aug-12-2013
Sarfatti's reformulation of Woodward's Star Ship Mach Vacuum Propeller V2 UPDATE Jul-14-2013
John Wheeler's Quantum Geometrodynamics & Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry Jul-14-2013
Simple formula for the conjectured Mach thrust effect for Space Ships Jul-05-2013
Jim Woodward's Star Ship Engine Mach Effect Thruster Jun-27-2013
Is Gerard 't Hooft right and Seth Lloyd wrong about time travel to the past? Jun-27-2013
Glauber Coherent States, Crystals, Ferromagnets, Superconductors, Higgs-Goldstone bosons Jun-27-2013
Josephson, Kafatos on M-Theory and Consciousness Jun-26-2013
Discussion with Ruth Kastner Jun-26-2013
Quantum Theory and Biology V2 updated Jun-26-2013
Advances in Dark Energy Back-From-The-Future Hologram World Cosmology Jun-26-2013
Hacking the Cosmic Code (Mind of God) Jun-25-2013
Hot Physics Discussions on Facebook June 25, 2013 Part 1 Jun-25-2013
Conflict of Hologram Picture With Retarded Causality? What about 2nd Law of Thermo? Jun-22-2013
Gerard 't Hooft's TWO greatest blunders? S-Matrix & Rejection of Time Travel Destiny Matrix Jun-22-2013
Gerard 't Hooft's Biggest Blunder on Causality? Jun-22-2013
Are We Holograms in the Destiny Matrix Simulation (Lenny Susskind's Theory and Beyond) V2 Jun-22-2013
Are We Holograms in the Destiny Matrix Simulation (Lenny Susskind's Theory and Beyond) Jun-22-2013
Reality of Possibility Jun-21-2013
My youtube review of Lenny Susskind's excellent video lecture on the world as a hologram Jun-17-2013
Kalamidas entanglement signal scheme decisively disproved - but others not. Jun-14-2013
SIgnal nonlocality in conscious topological anyon microtubule 2D computers? Jun-12-2013
A crisis for Bohm's version of quantum theory Jun-11-2013
Decisive refutation of the Kalamidas entanglement signal design V3 Jun-11-2013
Antony Valentini claim's David Bohm's theory is wrong, but de Broglie's is OK Jun-11-2013
Valuable pop articles on quantum information/computer physics Jun-07-2013
Zielinski's report on time travel to the past in modern physics Jun-07-2013
The trouble with scientific publishing Jun-07-2013
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