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On Aug 12, 2011, at 2:20 PM, Dragan Hajdukovic wrote:

Dear Jack
Nice to receive an email as it should be between colleagues.
I am strictly limited on the study of the consequences a hypothetical gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter. Here are a few recent references
1. Can the new Neutrino Telescopes reveal the Gravitational Properties of Antimatter?
2. Do we live in the universe successively dominated by matter and antimatter?
3. Is dark matter an illusion created by the gravitational polarization of the quantum vacuum?
4. On the absolute value of the neutrino mass
I will read carefully your papers, after my holidays
Best regards

Dear Dragan
Yes, of course. However, as far as I know I was the first to suggest specifically (in 2006 http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0602022) that dark matter was due to vacuum polarization (virtual fermion-antifermion pairs) with w = -1 is responsible for dark matter. It mimics w = 0 CDM perfectly clumping to smaller scales. Of course, you were not influenced by my work and I was not influenced by yours. Our details differ granted, but the basic idea is the same. Note my abstract from the 2006 paper (final version 11 July, 2007). If you check the earlier versions I think you will find the dark matter as vacuum polarization is there from the beginning or close to it in 2006. I was learning the Cartan formalism on my own and Professor Waldyr Rodrigues Jr created a bit of a stir about it under pressure from unknown parties. However, those formal issues had no bearing on the physical idea at issue. In any case, it is good that we both came to essentially the same qualitative conclusion that dark matter is not caused by real on-mass-shell particles whizzing through space. I only use mainstream physics, i.e. positive pressure from virtual fermion-antifermion pairs 3x more than the negative energy density (free field theory of course) causes attractive gravitation that mimics CDM. Just the opposite for virtual bosons (primarily photons) with negative pressure (dark energy) so I have unified both with very elementary mainstream physics.
In any case MIT physics professor/historian David Kaiser has already written about me extensively in his best seller "How the Hippies Saved Physics" and I am sure he will set the record straight for the official record. Keep up your fine work. :-)
PS Yes you are correct, as I said your detailed model is different from mine. I do not think there is any anti-gravity from real anti-particles. In any case it plays no role in my very simple mainstream model.
Emergent Gravity and Torsion: String Theory Without String Theory, Why the Cosmic Dark Energy Is So Small
Jack Sarfatti
(Submitted on 7 Feb 2006 (v1), last revised 11 Jul 2007 (this version, v21))
A surprisingly simple holographic explanation for the low dark energy density is suggested. I derive the Einstein-Cartan disclination curvature tetrads and the physically independent dislocation torsion gap spin connections from an "M-Matrix" of non-closed Cartan 1-forms made from 8 Goldstone phase 0-forms of the vacuum ODLRO condensate inflation field in which the non-compact 10-parameter Poincare symmetry group is locally gauged for all invariant matter field actions. Quantum gravity zero point vacuum fluctuations should be renormalizable at the spin 1 tetrad level where there is a natural scale-dependent holographic dimensionless coupling (hG/zpf/c^3)^1/3 ~ (Bekenstein BITS)^-1/3. The spacetime tetrad rotation coefficients play the same role as do the Lie algebra structure constants in internal symmetry spin 1 Yang-Mills local gauge theories. This suggests an intuitively pleasing natural "organizing idea" now missing in superstring theory. It is then clear why supersymmetry must break in order for our pocket universe to come into being with a small w = -1 negative pressure zero point exotic vacuum dark energy density. Just as the Michelson-Morley experiment gave a null result, this model predicts that the Large Hadron Collider will never find any viable on-mass-shell dark matter exotic particles able to explain Omega(DM) ~ 0.23 as a matter of fundamental principle, neither will any other conceivable dark matter detector because dark matter forming galactic halos et-al is entirely virtual exotic vacuum w = - 1 with positive irreducibly random quantum zero point pressure that mimics w = 0 CDM in its gravity lensing and all effects that we can observe from afar.
Comments:    This version is the second major revision addressing several unresolved fundamental empirical problems
Subjects:    General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (gr-qc)
Cite as:    arXiv:gr-qc/0602022v21
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On Aug 12, 2011, at 12:47 PM, Dragan Hajdukovic wrote:
"Professor Sarfatti
Much before me, and much before you, people have started to speculate that dark matter is an illusion and that dark energy is an illusion. For example look at these links
July 2003 http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2003/07/23/908651.htm
May 2005 http://cerncourier.com/cws/article/cern/29315
The key question is “what is the mechanism of illusion”, i.e. what is the alternative explanation of the phenomena for which dark matter and dark energy have been invoked.  Different people have proposed different mechanisms (as you can see in above links and at many other links).
 My work is based on the hypotheses that there is gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter. Your work is based on Holographic Model and Consciousness. We have absolutely nothing in common. Today, I have read your papers but it is evident that you have acted before reading my papers."
I repeat. Our ideas have nothing in common. But even if it was not so, I have clear priority. Your first paper is arxiv preprint from 2009, and my first paper is arxiv preprint from 2008, but I had a long fight with mainstream referees before my paper was accepted for publication in jour. Here is the abstract from 2008:
Dark matter, dark energy and gravitational proprieties of antimatter
Authors: Dragan Slavkov Hajdukovic
(Submitted on 19 Oct 2008 (this version), latest version 21 Oct 2009 (v3))
Abstract: We suggest that the eventual gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter may be a key for understanding of the nature of dark matter and dark energy. If there is gravitational repulsion, virtual particle-antiparticle pairs in the vacuum, may be considered as gravitational dipoles. We use a simple toy model to reveal a first indication that the gravitational polarization of such a vacuum, caused by visible (baryonic) matter in a Galaxy, may produce the same effect as supposed existence of dark matter. In addition, we argue that cancelation of gravitational charges in virtual particle-antiparticle pairs, may be a basis for a solution of the cosmological constant problem and identification of dark energy with vacuum energy. Hence, it may be that dark matter and dark energy are not new, unknown forms of matter-energy but an effect of complex interaction between quantum vacuum and known baryonic matter.
General Physics (physics.gen-ph)
Cite as:
arXiv:0810.3435v1 [physics.gen-ph]
The title “Sarfatti's idea that dark matter is an illusion caused by the quantum vacuum rediscovered at CERN” (http://www.stardrive.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4924:dark-matter-may-be-an-illusion-caused-by-the-quantum-vacuum&catid=43:science&Itemid=82) is an offence for CERN and me. The minimum is to apologize on the same web site.
By the way I am surprised that you have written to me without a simple “Hi” and “Regards”
Best regards Professor Sarfatti
Dragan S. Hajdukovic

I just noticed your comment at the end. Let me reassure you that no offense was intended to you or to CERN by my headline, which I think is accurate. In any case professional historians of physics like David Kaiser can settle that. My use of the word "rediscovered" I think is polite and as I say accurate. In no way does it suggest any impropriety on your part or CERN's. I never intended that. Again, let me clarify that my position is only with regard to the general idea that dark matter is a vacuum polarization effect using only simple quantum field theory and plain vanilla general relativity with the general hologram conjecture to be sure, and is not caused by real particles like massive neutrinos, or axions et-al.

As to why no salutation, it was very late at night when I noticed Kim Burrafato citing your paper on http://stardrive.org and I wrote the message in haste - so I would not forget about it in the morning as I am multi-tasking. Again no offense intended.

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