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Creon said it better than me. Ed et-al move on and forget this paranoid nonsense. Such beliefs border on the insane. Also every detailed scheme I have seen for the "propulsion" has been not-even-wrong junk engineering and cargo cult physics.

That being said, of course there is evidence that saucers are real and can neutralize our weapons - that is a different matter. Just look at the 1950's reports of Ruppelt and Hill for solid reliable evidence. Also, we do have secret craft that are hidden in the UFO disinformation noise, but they do not have warp drive - wormhole capability - they are exotic conventional propulsion like the schemes discussed at the recent DARPA-NASA Orlando Hilton Star Ship Conference.

We may also have captured real ET saucers with warp capability as in Colonel Corso's book "The Day After Roswell", but our reverse engineering of them is primitive at best - IF we have them - I am not saying we do. The basic principles are not understood. The closest we have come is in my Star Ship paper - again attached.

On Oct 26, 2011, at 12:42 PM, Levit, Creon (ARC-P) wrote:

Let's see: an ultra-secret breakaway society supported by the highest levels of government & military.  They receive with $trillions.  They are 1000 years ahead of us, past the technological singularity...

There is no way do disprove that.  You can explain anything that way.  And any lack of hard evidence, anyone with a contrary opinion, can simply be labelled "part of the conspiracy".

One might as well believe in God - an equally stupid idea which explains just as much.  At least that keeps the majority of our society from saying to your face that they think you're nuts.

BTW - why would such an all-powerful civilization need trillions of US dollars?  Can't they easily make anything they'd otherwise want to buy by using their warp drives, matter compilers, psychic powers, etc? I'd love to wake up and smell the roses, but in this case unfortunately as soon as the eyes open, the roses vanish.

On Oct 26, 2011, at 10:05 AM, Bruce Maccabee wrote:

I agree with Jack.

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From: Ed Komarek To: JACK SARFATTI Sent: Wed, Oct 26, 2011 12:46 pm
Subject: Re: Secret Space Navy Myth

I disagree very strongly Jack just look at the evidence I have presented in Chapter Three starting with the very important declassified Wright Patterson 1956 paper on electorgravitics.  I built up a pretty impressive timeline of evidence in Chapter Three supporting my argument if anybody cares to read it and the links provided.  In my opinion the 100 year Starship Project is just a Darpa propaganda operation no different that NASA or SETI today, its designed to prepare scientists and the public for the already operational Deep Space Program and Space Fleet. Keep in mind that it is generally considered that black projects are ahead by about 50 years and in this case because they have entered a Technological Singularity it's 100-1000 years ahead of our host civilization already. Wake up and smell the roses. :-)  As far as keeping such a secret from the public it's not that difficult being that the large numbers of people you are referring to are all classified in what Richard Dolan calls a Breakaway Society.  No wonder he has been giving a few military people heartburn.  What we have is a parasitic Breakaway classified civilization consuming trillion of dollars of resources gotten from who knows where.  The Pentagon even admits it has somehow misplaced three trillion dollars.  Where do you think that went?  My evidence for my position is in Chapter 2 & 3.  Here is chapter 3 with links to other chapters and introduction.  http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/2011/10/exopolitics-book-chapter-3-draft.html  Where is the evidence for your position? :-)  Ed

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 3:14 AM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

I wish you were right, but I think you are not. We do not have any secret space navy with advanced propulsion like you posit. It's complete fiction. If we did DARPA & NASA would not have bothered with the 100 year Starship Project. There would be no way to keep such technology secret. It would require large numbers of people with knowledge greater than the faculties of our top universities like Cal Tech, Stanford etc. Only naive people who do not understand real physics and engineering would believe such nonsense.

On Oct 25, 2011, at 06:01 PM, Ed Komarek wrote:

It's all part of nodes along a timeline I am constructing from then to now.  Each bit of evidence is a node on that time line to where we are today.  I believe this evidence in its entirety is compelling and that you guys don't realize how advanced the secret space program really is, nor how far military contact  between us and different ET races has progressed in the past fifty years.  Wake up and smell the roses, It appears that we already have deep space capabilities and are traveling between the stars just as Ben Rich and others have suggested.  You and I are nothing but the public relations team doing what governments should be doing to educate the general population as to extraterrestrial realities. We work cheap. ha ha  Ed

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 12:47 AM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:
Military Interactions with Extraterrestrials

Submitted by Ed Komarek on Thu, 10/20/2011 - 13:23
Exopolitics Book, Chapter 2 (Draft)

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 11:28 AM, Christopher O'Brien wrote:
Come on Ed---say it ain't so! You don't actually believe what you've written is true? Sounds like half-baked, true-believer fairy tales from lalaland to me. Chris

On Oct 22, 2011, at 12:02 AM, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Colonel John Alexander wrote:

Is this for Stargate or something?  Certainly not serious.  There are no lower limits to crazy.

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From: JACK SARFATTI To: Ed Komarek Sent: Fri, Oct 21, 2011 9:35 pm
Subject: Re: For Jessie Ventura - war with ETs? Fact or Fiction?

Is Ed Komarek, who cites the words below in his book, merely being alarmist? As I said he comes from the American Power Elite.
"5. Our scientists could build a ship propelled by a similar rotating and oscillating electro-magnetic field– if they knew some method to change the energy released into a nuclear-reactor directly into electric power. The problem is not solved yet.

6. These visitors from outer space are dangerous when apprehended and definitely hostile when attacked. We have already lost many planes attempting to shoot down one of them. We have no defense against them till now. They outperform easily any of our fighters, which have no chance against them. Guided missiles are also useless; they can fly still faster than any of them and can even maneuver around them, as if they were toys; or they can interfere with their electric instruments and make the useless soon after launched; or, if they like, the can explode them before they reach their proximities.
They have produced the crash of military planes (propeller or jet type) and airliners by stalling their engines through interference with their electrical systems. (We don’t know yet if this is a side effect or their powerful magnetic field, or the result of some kind of weapon–possibly a high frequency beam of some sort). They have also a horribly destructive long range weapon which has been used mercilessly against our jet fighters. In one case, for example, an U.S. Navy interceptor with a crew of two, scrambled to go after an UFO.

Their mission was, as usual, to make it land or to shoot it down–if necessary. They used their guns. The answer was immediate and terrifying: instantly all metallic parts of their plane were disintegrated, disrupted into thousands of fragments, and they found themselves suddenly seated in the air (nonmetallic pieces or objects were not affected by the phenomenon); one of them was killed but the other lived to tell the story. We have evidence that this tremendous weapon is an ultra-sonic beam of some sort, which disrupts the molecular cohesion of any metallic structure. They have means to paralyze our radar systems too, to interfere with our radio and television apparatus, and to short-circuit our electric power-plants.

7. They have not showed, till now, any interest in contacting us. They are obviously preparing a planet-wide huge military operation to interfere against us. We don’t know what kind of operation will be this. There are, however, three possibilities: (a) total war followed my mass-landings, to destroy our power, slave the remnant of our people and colonize the planet; (b) police-action to stop our plans for the conquest of space, and to avoid our dangerous progress in the field of atomic weapons; this would involve mass landings at strategic points with occupation by forces of limited areas of vital interest for their purposes; (c) “friendly interference” (followed by military intimidation) to make us agree with their plans for us–whatever they may be–avoiding open war or any other kind of direct interference; patrolling and eventual police-action only outside our atmosphere.

8. All military authorities and governments through the world are informed about the situation. There is an exchange of information through intelligence services, and top-secret military conferences are held periodically to discuss new developments on the subject. The Brazilian Navy, for example, receives monthly classified reports from the U.S. Navy and sends back to them any information available here. A similar contact exists among our Army and Air Force and several (similar) military organizations in other countries. Here in Brazil only the persons who work in the problem know the real situation: intelligence officers in the Army, Navy and Air Force; some high-rank officers in the High Command; the National Security Council and a few scientists whose activities are connected with it; and a few members of certain civilian organizations doing research for military projects.
9. All information about the UFO-subject from military is not only classified or reserved for official uses, it is top-secret. Civilian authorities and military officers in general are not entitled to know. Even our President is not informed of the whole truth.

10. Military authorities through the world agree that the people are not entitled to know anything about the problem. Some military groups believe that such knowledge would be a tremendous shock–enough to paralyze the life in our countries for many years in the future. On the other side, the believe that flying saucer reconnaissance (as it is now) might last other 10 years–the people couldn’t be controlled for so long a time and the danger of uncontrolled panic would be high.
Besides, the probability of UFO-hostile interference (described on item 7) is still estimated at 50%; there is yet a 10% probability that their hostility is only a consequence of our attacks against their ships; because of this possibility, we are attempting now to make them aware that we would like to make a peaceful contact–so, the orders now (now) are to avoid any further attack against their craft. This policy has been adopted generally, with the exception of some countries which still have fools in their Air Forces–who think otherwise. We don’t know if UFOs will react to these measures recently put under operation. We still hope the will.
11. To conceal the truth from the public, a carefully planned censorship is under operation for several years. The policy to debunk the whole saucer-subject is the better weapon we are using for this purposed. Ridicule is an efficient tool against most people who attempt to inform the public but other measure are sometimes necessary. Chiefly against persons who possess evidence that, if published, would open the eyes of the people. In some countries force has been used to silence some of them, when this is not possible, all tricks had been used to make their evidence useless. In a few cases, unfortunately, violence had to be used; we regret this but we have no choice. We are going to keep this thing secret at any cost. We are not interested in the so-called “inalienable rights” of the people. Right or wrong we– the military– are going to do our job and no one is going to stop us. (End)
As we can see from the following article at least some ET races were not cooperating with our military even by 1968 and I believe this still continues to this day from my experiences with local contactees. It would appear there is still disagreement between we the indigenous people of earth and those ETs that are here as to who owns the earth and its environs. I suspect it is those races with advanced enough technology to maintain bases deep underground, under the oceans and from huge motherships that are outside global government’s ability to enforce jurisdiction."
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On Oct 21, 2011, at 9:21 PM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

OK, this would be the basis for a good series of shows


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