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Apr 10

I suppose this may be considered a rear-guard action leaving no stone unturned in the general belief in no-entanglement signaling in the sense of papers of Adrian Kent even though papers by Antony Valentini suggest otherwise.
Of course, orthodox micro-quantum theory does not allow stand-alone entanglement signals no one denies that. The issue is whether orthodox quantum theory is the final complete theory of reality. Einstein did not think so.
General quantum theory would be to orthodox quantum theory the way general relativity is to special relativity.
Experiments by Libet, Radin, Bierman, Bem and others seem to provide evidence for entanglement signaling in mental activity. Roger Penrose discusses early experiments by Libet in his books.
The discovery of dark energy accelerating the universe’s expansion is evidence for retro-causality when combined with the t’Hooft-Susskind hologram conjecture. The observer-dependent cosmological future de Sitter event horizon is the dominant hologram screen and the observed dark energy density hc/Lp^2A is the redshifted Hawking-Unruh advanced Wheeler-Feynman black body radiation hc/Lp^4 from our future horizon. A = area-entropy asymptote of our future horizon.

       Adapted from Tamara Davis PhD Fig 1.1c
Yakir Aharonov’s post-selected destiny state vector weak measurement quantum theory though not having stand-alone entanglement signaling is easily extended to include it.
John Cramer has proposed an experiment to test for Wheeler-Feynman “transactional" back from the future influences.
Henry Stapp published a paper in Phys Rev A on an extended retro-causal quantum theory that explained real data by Helmut Schmidt. The editors figuratively burnt Henry at the stake. See MIT physics professor David Kaiser’s book “How the Hippies Saved Physics” for the details.
Jorge Berger has shown how Glauber macro-quantum coherent state Landau-Ginzburg emergent Higgs-Goldstone order parameters have nonlinear non-unitary local dynamics violating the linear unitarity nonlocal entanglement dynamics of micro-quantum theory. The Vitiello-Freeman brain dynamics is an example of what Berger is talking about. Indeed, P.W. Anderson’s emergent “More is different” must be taken more seriously.
Einstein’s gravity as curvature itself in the tetrad/spin-connection Cartan formalism seems to be a spontaneous broken emergent c-number Higgs-Goldstone post-inflation “vacuum superconductor” field with residual local de-Sitter conformal gauge group symmetry.
The four LIF tetrad 1-forms e^I are diagonal elements of a 4x4 M-Matrix made from eight post-inflation Goldstone phase 0-forms and their exterior derivatives. The six spin-connection 1-forms w^I^J are the antisymmetrized off-diagonal elements of the same M-Matrix.
ds^2 = e^I(LIF)eI(LIF) = guv(LNIF)e^u(LNIF)e^v(LNIF)   (EEP)
R^I^J(curvature) = Dw^I^J = dw^I^J + w^IK/w^K^J
Einstein-Hilbert Action Density = {IJKL}R^I^J/e^K/e^L  (zero torsion 1916 limit)
Tony Valentini has shown that entanglement signals violate the Born probability interpretation for Von Neumann strong measurements that is merely a sub-quantal equilibrium contingency in Bohm’s ontological quantum theory. The distinguishable non-orthgonality of the Glauber states with their ODLRO emergent condensates provide a clear violation of of the Born rule. Of course, the Born rule can be ad-hoc forced on the Glauber states by renormalization, but it is an empirical issue whether or not Nature’s actual states choose to be always normalized to unity.
The basic formal issue is elementary dear Watson.
Consider the entangled 2-qubit pair Bell state for Alice and Bob
|A,B) = (1/2)^1/2[|A0)|B0) + |A1)|B1)]
The Born rule says that in strong Von-Neuman measurements (in contrast to Aharonov’s counter-intuitive history-destiny weak measurements) that there is probability 1/2 for Alice to locally measure “0” no matter what Bob does. For now assume that Alice and Bob are spacelike separated when their irreversibly amplified strong measurements are actually made. However, the hidden assumption here is that Bob’s states are “orthogonal” (B0|B1) = 0, which is always the case in INCOHERENT RANDOM micro-quantum theory for strong measurements of the eigenfunctions Hermitian observables with real eigenvalues - not so for the emergent spontaneous broken ground state symmetry COHERENT NON-RANDOM Glauber states that are eigenfunctions of the non-Hermitian field harmonic oscillator second quantized creation and annihilation ladder operators with complex eigenvalues of the amplitude and phase well known to radio and radar technicians.
The formal rule for strong measurements uses the density matrix Dirac outer-product ket-bra projection operator formalism.
The complete zero entropy pure pair state density matrix for Alice and Bob is |A,B)(A,B|
The rule for the response for Alice to measure eigenvalue “0” is to trace over both Bob's base states in the product of |A0)(A0|
with |A,B)(A,B|
Alice’s LOCAL Signal Strength (0) = TraceBob{|A0)(A0||A,B)(A,B|)}
In general this is equal to (1/2)[1 + (B0|B1)|^2]
In orthodox micro-QM |(B0|B1)|^2 = 0 and we get the no-entanglement signal result of Henry Stapp, Adrian Kent et-al.
However, in macro-QM with Glauber states this is not so. We can have approximately cloned laser amplified Glauber states |B0) & |B1) that are OVER-COMPLETE DISTINGUISHABLY NON-ORTHOGONAL.
Now even in this case since Alice’s response for both 0 and 1 are equal we can ad-hoc force the Born interpretation to get 1/2. As I said this is an empirical issue whether our real world is put into that Procrustean Bed of Nails. The experiments of Daryl Bem at Cornell and others suggest otherwise.
to be continued.

Apr 09

Quantum Physics and Beyond

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"The Fundamental Fysiks Group included many colorful characters such as Fritjof Capra, author of the bestselling The Tao of Physics and an entire series of green/ecological/New Age books since the 1970s, Fred Alan Wolf, Nick Herbert, and Jack Sarfatti (to name only a few). Members of the group secured backing from such improbable sources as New Age human potential guru Werner Erhard and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They also sponsored succesful workshops on their brand of quantum mechanics at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California complete with naked coed hot tubbing.

A major theme of the book is the near total eclipse of philosophy and foundational issues in physics, especially in the United States, following World War II. The title of the first chapter is the infamous phrase “Shut Up and Calculate,” allegedly addressed to young physicists by their professors. Kaiser discusses how philosophical discussions of the meaning and foundations of quantum mechanics (and other parts of physics as well) were systematically eliminated from textbooks and training in physics in the United States during the 1950s. Many journals had either explicit or implicit policies of rejecting any  papers discussing these issues. Thus, many key papers by Bell and members of the Fundamental Fysiks Group were originally published in obscure journals.

The members of the Fundamental Fysiks Group, on the other hand, wanted to understand the meaning and conceptual basis of quantum mechanics. The same appears to have been true of the late John Bell, the author of Bell’s Theorem. If quantum encryption and quantum computing prove practical, then the real world consequences of these philosophical questionings may prove great indeed. For the most part, however, the actual mathematics used to express these concepts is first and second year college algebra and calculus, nothing like the exotic mathematics of string theory or quantum field theory (QFT).

If the book has a major weakness, it is that the book is very cautious in addressing parapsychology, the occult, the involvement of the CIA and other intelligence agencies, and the many bizarre elements of the story, all of which overlap strongly. Kaiser appears to stick carefully to what he can clearly document and to avoid taking a definite position, let alone speculating, on the many controversial issues that arise during his book. His focus is the eventual impact on mainstream, public, unclassifed physics research today. It is perhaps worth noting that the National Security Agency (NSA) and other “members of the intelligence community” appear to be the principal sources of the downpour of funding for quantum information sciences, quantum encryption, and quantum computing, an amount of money far in excess of the few millions garnered by the research in the 1970′s that Kaiser discusses."


How the Hippies Saved Physics Book Review
Mathematics is wonderful!

Kaiser’s book has triggered a new effort to re-examine the no-entanglement signaling “theorems” using macroscopically distinguishable non-orthogonal Glauber coherent states not only on theoretical grounds but because of the data on retrocausality - most recently that of Cornell professor Daryl Bem backing up earlier claims of Dick Bierman, Dean Radin and others on seeming advanced signals in the living brain. See the two retrocausality workshops held at the University of San Diego organized by Daniel Sheehan for the AAAS in 2006 and 2011 as I recall.