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Jack Sarfatti hc/Lp^4 on our future horizon is down shifted to hc/Lp^2A at our present detectors and the Arrow of Time is also explained trivially. A is the area of the intersection of our future light cone with our future de Sitter horizon. The Arrow of Time is simply A(future horizon) - A(past horizon) > 0.
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The "time tunnel into the distant past" gives us a glimpse of galaxies as they looked up to 13.2 billion years ago
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  • Steven Sequeira Wow... Thank you, Jack!
  • Jack Sarfatti Dark energy in contrast is a time tunnel to our future cosmological event horizon - advanced Wheeler-Feynman-Hawking black body radiation real photons red shifted all the way down to virtual photons inside the vacuum. Virtual photons generate the anti-gravity field that is accelerating the expansion speed of 3D space seen in Type 1a supernovae anomalous redshifts in our past light cone.

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