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The Ruppelt draft of an article for the air intelligence digest, wherein he "openly" (in a classified paper) says that the ET hypothesis was being considered, is further supported by the July 29 and October 27 FBI memoranda which report that upper levels of the Air Force intelligence were seriously considering that the objects might be "interplanetary ships."

The July 29 document is especially interesting because that was the day of General Samford's press conference.(Samford was Dir Air Force Intel)  At this press conference he pointed out that credible people were reporting incredible sightings but that it was his belief that all unexplained sightings were caused by natural phenomena.  It just so happened that July 29 was the day that the FBI sent a liaison agent to AF Intelligence at the Pentagon to find out what was going on with all the saucer sightings.  (Recall that this was the "summer of the saucers" and the "year of the UFO" when the AF collected hundreds of sightings in June, July and August, in particular).  What did the FBI agent learn from one "Commander Boyd" (Navy officer assigned to work with AF  intel)?  Mark you!!!  This was Samford's office and  Boyd was one of Samford's "employees."  Boyd said, among other things that 2% of the sightings had not be explained (!) and that, although some of these might be caused by natural phenomena, "it is not entirely impossible that the objects sighted might be ships from another planet."

Now, if Samford had said that at the press conference the lid would have blown off.  However, he did not state publicly what was being discussed privately and the press went away from the conference perfectly happy to parrot the "natural phenomena" explanation (e.g., the sightings over Washington, DC were caused by temperature inversions.... many years later shown to be an impossibility). 

It is amusing to note that the recent flap over an FBI document from March 1950 was based on "rumor and innuendo" and perhaps on an outright hoax.  Yet it got worldwide attention while the July 29 and October 27 FBI documents that say "ships from another planet" were being considered as a definite possibillity, have not even achieved public mention.... and these documents are not based on a hoax!

As I said, these FBI documents support Ruppelt's claim in the article he wrote (was never published?).  It has long been known that one General, Garland, was a witness!   He was Samford's assistant at the time and furthermore he was Ruppelt's boss from the fall of 1952 until Ruppelt left the AF.

This is further discussed and placed into historical context at   www.brumac.8k.com      Scroll down the opening page until you reach "The Legacy of 1952"  and
download the WORD document.   This is an "Excellent" history of UFOs in 1952.

If you don't want to download a WORD document you can read a less detailed version on the net at

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it will end all doubts to any honest intelligent reader that there are real
advanced metallic craft not simply delusions - that and Paul Hill's book - both
from the 1950's - essentially no progress since then.

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> I haven't read the Ruppelt report, but look forward to doing so.
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>> ok
>> Have you read the full Ruppelt report?
>> No question about defense significance. Our fighters used machine guns on
them - to no avail.
>> I will give it to you when I get back. It has a forward from Colin Bennett.
>> It and Paul Hill's book are conclusive evidence for real machines - and that
was in 1950's about same time as my "phone call(s)".
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>>> Ask him if he knows anything about the Ruppelt material, and what he thinks
of it.  And ask him if UFOs might have any defense significance.  But remember,
he worked for MOD for 21 years, so anything he says is automatically suspect. 
I've never heard him actually state that there is the possibility that at least
a small percentage of UFO sightings might actually be evidence extraterrestrial
technology.  He may have said that, but I'm not aware of it. And that makes
raises a red flag with me.
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>>>> if you have questions let me know