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One very young Asian girl very studious no doubt ran out of the room screaming in horror as if seeing an evil spirit. ;-)
Most of the speakers in D30 were young specialists in quantum information theory giving very abstract mathematical papers, which like string theory, seemed to have very little contact with experimental physics. However, they all seemed to understand each other and perhaps one day, like string theory, it will pan out - hopefully not like string theory inspired financial derivative WMDs on Wall Street. ;-)
These are big ideas that are Popper falsifiable.
1) entanglement signaling is possible (e.g. Daryl Bem's experiments)
2) dark energy is Hawking radiation back from our future event horizon i.e. hc/Lp^4 at horizon ---> hc/Lp^2A at type 1a supernovae, A = area of FUTURE (not past) horizon.
3) our future event horizon is the 't Hooft-Susskind hologram screen

Tamara Davis PhD 2004 Fig 1.1c modified by me
4) our future event horizon is a Seth Lloyd computer = P.K. Dick VALIS, I.J. Good GOD(D) etc.
5) the unique low energy classical world without Schrodinger Cat states consists of FROZEN virtual Goldstone phase and virtual Higgs amplitude emergent boson quasi-particles and collective modes from spontaneous "More is different" symmetry breaking in the ground states of real particles.
e.g. space crystals are frozen off-mass-shell condensates of longitudinal massless Goldstone phase acoustic phonons and Higgs amplitude (energy gap) transverse optical phonons (in sense of Mexican Hat type potentials) when
continuous Lie T3 group breaks to 3D crystallography discrete groups below phase transition temperature.
f = 0, k = 1/lattice vectors
Similarly for T1 group i.e. Wilczek's "time crystals" note UMKLAPP scattering.
f =/= 0, k = 0