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Jack Sarfatti
What countries produce the most nickel? Global production in the early 1990s was headed by Russia and Canada, followed by Australia, New Caledonia, ...
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David Stewart Most of that Canadian nickel came from Sudbury Ontario, deposited there by meteoric impact more than a few years before . . .
Instead of having oil wars on earth, I would be much happier if we went to space for nickel!!
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Jack Sarfatti
However, the basic technology is so simple that underdeveloped countries can do it in primitive places. All they need is nickel and hydrogen IF it works as advertised. This will totally alter the geopolitical landscape - coming at a strange time now that Japan is wrecked.
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Doug Cantrell It's only strange if you see the two events as unrelated.
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Jack Sarfatti
I hope everyone realizes that if the Bologna cold fusion machine financed by the Greek Leonardo Corporation really works it will render oil and nuclear reactor industries impotent and obsolete in a decade or two. This will crash the Saudi economy unless they invest in the new technology at the beginning, which they will probably do.
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Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes exactly and we continue being slaves of the monolithic and obsolete saudi rulers until somebody develop stargate tv series ZPMs :P
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Doug Cantrell Oh, now that's an unfortunate name for the device. The debunkers will be calling it the "Baloney Cold Fusion Machine."

They need to replace their marketing firm.

Let's hope this breakthrough is genuine. It would definitely be a game-changer.
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Doug Cantrell And I'd also bet the Saudis will be early investors/developers. They are already looking ahead in the energy arena for innovative technology.
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Dennis Skola not like they are hurting for the capital i just wonder how this will affect the USof A technology rights owners aside god knows we dont have any real money to invest.
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