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Apr 17


Posted by: JackSarfatti
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 l is the destiny/advanced back-from-the-future spin 1 gravity field null past light cone / IT tetrad and n is the time-reverse history/retarded past-to-future light cone / null IT tetrad quadratic in the spinor (spin 1/2) Q-BITS.

Note that m & m* are products of past and future spinor Q-BITS.
The metric tensor gravity field of Einstein's gravity field are, in fact, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entangled four Q-BIT strings.

The 2-component spinors are Q-BITS in the sense of quantum information theory. We see there are two kinds, advanced and retarded corresponding precisely to Aharonov-Vaidman's pair of destiny and history state vectors in Hilbert space growing out of Wheeler-Feynman's 1940 papers on classical electrodynamics and the Dirac radiation reaction enigma explained by Hoyle and Narlikar in numerous publications largely ignored in mainstream theoretical physics.

Indeed, the Q-BIT spinors may correspond to the 2D "cellular automata" on thermal (observer-dependent) cosmic (& black hole observer-independent) event horizon null geodesic congruence hologram computing screens of Gerard 't Hooft's "dimensional reduction".

Obviously the AdS/CFT correspondence is a part of a more general principle even if Ed Witten, Lenny Susskind & Co cannot yet prove it mathematically - someone will.

I simply assume intuitively for sake of argument a dS/CFT duality  (Gauss's theorem essentially) where CFT is on a 2D thermal horizon of any kind and dS is in the interior 3D bulk. Don't need 5D yet.

AdS /zpf < 0 models dark matter from virtual fermion-antifermion pairs (isolated closed vacuum loops that gravitate from the SEP).

dS /zpf > 0 models dark energy from virtual bosons that anti-gravitate from the SEP.

It's a matter of scale "More is different" (P.W. Anderson) - we do not yet have an adequate physics of the vacuum yet, but it is obvious that we have dark matter when the short-scale density of virtual fermion closed loops in the interior retro-causal hologram image bulk exceeds the density of virtual bosons and that the large-scale dark energy exotic vacuum phase is the opposite. Therefore, looking for real dark matter particles on mass shell in LHC, in underground mines etc. is like looking for the Earth's motion through the mechanical Victorian aether - is my prediction for the record.

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