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Note added May 15, 2010
I disinvited myself from this meeting because Michio Kaku and other physicists decided not to come and I would have been the only physicist there with New Age speakers on topics I am not interested in. 
This workshop will take the listener on a whirlwind tour beginning with the foundational principles of David Bohm’s implicate order, and how that relates to the quest for finding a grand unified theory, or a “theory of everything” as in Hawking’s Mind of God. We will then build on these principles of quantum theory to explore  some original conceptions of the cosmology of time, and make a compelling scientific case for the possibility of time travel, to the future, and/or the past (retrocausality).  We will show that faster than light phenomenon may be possible through warping spacetime, and delve into the possible reality of parapsychological phenomenon, including an explanation of UFOs as terrestrial timeships from our own future. 
Jack Sarfatti, theoretical physicist, co-founder of the legendary Physics Consciousness Research Group, and student/research fellow of David Bohm, is the author of several books, including Space Time and Beyond: Toward and Explanation of the Unexplainable (with  Fred Alan Wolf and Bob Toben); and Super Cosmos, Destiny Matrix, and Space Time and Beyond II. Sarfatti presents original ideas on the frontiers of modern science, and is one of few highly credentialed physicists who has the courage to take on paranormal issues, such as time travel, psychic phenomenon, and UFOs while remaining in the framework of established relativistic and quantum theory. 
Glenn Aparicio Parry
Chairman of the Board
SEED Graduate Institute
119 Quincy St NE Ste W
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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