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On Apr 14, 2011, at 4:00 PM, nick herbert wrote:

Clever suggestion.
But how does one safely transfer intensely radioactive Nickel
to the reaction chamber?
And then appear to "turn it on" with current flowing
through a resistor?
Plus lack of gamma radiation
would seem to rule out this possibility.

On Apr 14, 2011, at 11:37 AM, JACK SARFATTI wrote:

On iPhone

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Article Title: Geopolitics of Cold Fusion, Nuclear Reactors and Oil Industry

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Due to the presence of hydrogen gas, most people seem to be assuming that the Focardi-Rossi device is operating via a form of cold fusion. It seems to me more likely its just beta decay of Ni-63 and Ni-65 into Cu-63 and Cu-65. Both of these isotopes of copper are reported to be in the “after operation” powder. The “before operation” powder is just reported to be Nickel with no isotope numbers mentioned. This would lead one to believe it is a combination of the stable isotopes. Two of those are Ni-62 (abundance ~3.6%) and Ni-64 (abundance ~0.9%). To convert them to the unstable ones mentioned above would only require neutron capture which, due to the lack of a coulomb repulsion, is a lot easier to achieve than a fusion process. While the half life of Ni-63 is long (~100 years), the half life of Ni-65 is only a few hours thus making it the more active portion of the reaction. In terms of generating power, Ni-65 being the most active is an asset since it is also a lot more energetic reaction (in terms of gamma radiation).


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