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Only signal nonlocality violating orthodox QM will resolve this.
The data from Libet -> Radin -> Bierman -> Bem
& Puthoff & Targ (SRI)
are evidence for signal nonlocality entanglement signaling (e.g. Antony Valentini's papers) as the essential signature of consciousness in my opinion. Nano-tech devices emulating microtubules et-al will result in a conscious AI robot in my opinion.

Henry Stapp argued that

1) statistical predictions of orthodox QM( i.e. Born probability interpretation aka sub-quantal HV thermal equilibrium as in A. Valentini's papers)

2) counter-factual definiteness

3) locality

are mutually incompatible.

If Henry is correct, then you can have 3) and 1) by violating 2).

Indeed that is Many-Worlds in sense of Everett. It is what Joy Christian, David Deutsch and Murray Gell-Mann seem to believe.

In contrast the ABL paper assumes 1) & 2) and violates 3) which is the dominant view and is also my own.

Only strong entanglement signaling violating current no-go theorems will settle this once and for all.

I claim that the brain data cited above is evidence for the latter.

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