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Black body thermal gravitons radiated from the black hole at the center of our galaxy should each have an energy equal to the electron rest energy 10 ^-6 ergs. There should be 10^21 of these gravitons passing through us each second per square centimeter. It has mass ~ 5 million Suns and is 26 000 light years away.

This assumes quantum foam of Planck mass zero point gravity field fluctuations converted to my new second high energy peak of the Hawking radiation.

f = c/(LA^1/2)^1/2

L = IR cutoff
A = area of horizon 

Details in a few days.

LIgo & lisa will not see them 
They only look for lfgw

If gravitons convert to photons efficiently that might explain the gamma rays at electron rest energy?

Also em radiation different numbers.

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It looks like the stodgy JASONS were wrong in their conclusion. They never even considered Ray Chiao's work. Lack of due diligence. When I mentioned Ray Chiao's papers at that meeting I was greeted with blank stares. Similarly, when I mentioned UFOs at the DARPA-NASA Starship meeting in Orlando Oct 1 - 2 ,2011.

[PDF] High Frequency Gravitational Waves - Federation of American ...
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both the underlying science and technology of HFGW, and their implications for national security. JASON hosted briefings during June 17-18, 2008 from ...
Our Final Hour Martin Rees - tampering with the Higgs field.

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Mar 13, 2011 – PS, I got the idea to use meta-materials from the Project JASON meeting on HFGW I attended at General Atomics in La Jolla June 2008 I think it ...
Jack Sarfatti
Mar 14, 2011 – PS, I got the idea to use meta-materials from the Project JASON meeting on HFGW I attended at General Atomics in La Jolla June 2008 I think it ...
High Frequency Gravitational Waves
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High Frequency Gravitational Waves - download or read online. ... L. briefing to JASON on June 17. 2008.V. [15] G.[12] Robert M. [13] Dietrich ... S. DC 20505- 0001JASON Library [5] The MITRE Corporation 3550 General Atomics Court ...
Fwd: JASON, Ray Chiao, Metamaterials & Metric Engineering - Yahoo!
Jan 21, 2010 – Fwd: JASON, Ray Chiao, Metamaterials & Metric Engineering, < Prev Next > ... the science of HFGW are fundamentally wrong; that there can be no security threat ... I attended the above session at General Atomics June 2008.
Re: JASON, Ray Chiao, Metamaterials & Metric Engineering - Yahoo!
Jan 21, 2010 – Re: JASON, Ray Chiao, Metamaterials & Metric Engineering, < Prev Next > ... and national security significance of high frequency gravitational waves(HFGW). ... I attended the above session at General Atomics June 2008.
4 The gravitational dynamical Casimir effect, and the generation
of coherent gravitational radiation

In this final section, we speculate that the above ideas can be extended to include the case of gravitational
radiation. The physical concept that ties all these ideas together is the crucial use of the DeWitt minimal
coupling rule in all of them.

In particular, we briefly comment on the possibility of extending the “separated parametric oscillator”
idea for generating EM microwaves by means of the vibrating SC membrane placed inside the extremely
high Q “triple” SC cavity, as depicted in Figure 4, to the much more speculative idea of generating GR
microwaves using the same vibrating SC membrane inside the same “triple” SC cavity. This extension
is based on the fact that the interaction Hamiltonian Hhh in (39) is mathematically identical to that
of the interaction Hamiltonian HAA in (38). Furthermore, we are assuming that it is permissible for
gravitational radiation fields to be second quantized (see (42)).

However, for this extension of the parametric oscillator idea to work, it is crucial that the walls
SC cavity, including the surfaces of the moving SC membrane, reflect GR microwaves with as high a
reflectivity as in the case of EM microwaves. In the paper “Do mirrors for gravitational waves exist?”
[33], it was predicted that even thin SC films are highly reflective mirrors for GR plane waves. This
surprising prediction was based on the DeWitt minimal coupling rule (20) applied to the Ginzburg-
Landau theory of superconductivity. The “off-diagonal long-range order” (ODLRO) [34] nature of the
Cooper pairs causes these pairs to behave differently from the ions in the ionic lattice, for which ODLRO
does not exist. As a result, inside the SC thin film, the Cooper pairs, which exhibit constructive AB
interference, do not undergo geodesic motion, in contrast to the ions, which do undergo geodesic motion,
in response to incident GR radiation. This difference in the internal motions of the Cooper pairs and of
the ions inside the SC in the presence of GR radiation, leads to a charge separation effect induced by an
incoming GR plane wave, such that a huge back-action of the SC film on the GR wave that causes its
reflection, results.

If such SC mirrors for GR waves were indeed to exist in Nature, then moving SC mirrors would not
only be able to do work like a piston on these waves, but would also simultaneously lead to a Doppler
effect that leads to the exponential amplification of these waves above the threshold for parametric oscillation,
as explained above. Thus, a laser-like generation of coherent GR waves starting from vacuum
fluctuations should become possible. If so, a Hertz-like experiment for GR radiation at microwave frequencies
[15] would become feasible to perform.

On Apr 1, 2013, at 3:46 PM, JACK SARFATTI <sarfatti@pacbell.net> wrote:

I am always interested in what Ray Chiao is doing.

On Apr 1, 2013, at 3:01 PM, Gary S Bekkum <garysbekkum@gmail.com> wrote:

A thought experiment is proposed to demonstrate the existence of a gravitational, vector Aharonov-Bohm effect. A connection is made between the gravitational, vector Aharonov-Bohm effect and the principle of local gauge invariance for nonrelativistic quantum matter interacting with weak gravitational fields. The compensating vector fields that are necessitated by this local gauge principle are shown to be incorporated by the DeWitt minimal coupling rule. The nonrelativistic Hamiltonian for weak, time-independent fields interacting with quantum matter is then extended to time-dependent fields, and applied to problem of the interaction of radiation with macroscopically coherent quantum systems, including the problem of gravitational radiation interacting with superconductors. But first we examine the interaction of EM radiation with superconductors in a parametric oscillator consisting of a superconducting wire placed at the center of a high Q superconducting cavity driven by pump microwaves. We find that the threshold for parametric oscillation for EM microwave generation is much lower for the separated configuration than the unseparated one, which then leads to an observable dynamical Casimir effect. We speculate that a separated parametric oscillator for generating coherent GR microwaves could also be built.


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