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Apple's Killer App for Iphone? Photographing & videoing the future? P.K. Dick rises from his grave. ;-)
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  • Jack Sarfatti Begin forwarded message:

    From: JACK SARFATTI <sarfatti@pacbell.net>
    Subject: [ExoticPhysics] Spacelike (FTL) Entanglement Signals with Trapped Ions? "magic wand" Apple's killer app. ; -)
    Date: February 11, 2013 8:22:02 PM PST
    To: Exotic Physics <exoticphysics@mail.softcafe.net>
    Reply-To: Jack Sarfatti's Workshop in Advanced Physics <exoticphysics@mail.softcafe.net>

    Indeed, unless I am mistaken, this ultimately solid state system can be packaged into an Apple I phone to take photographs of the future seen in the past.

    "6.5. Quantum Teleportation Mechanical States
    Analogous to continuous-variable teleportation of optical states [220], one can teleport the quantum state of one mechanical oscillator to the other, if two entangled squeezed
    beams are used to drive them, each of their positions are measured | and with results fed back to the other one (as shown in Fig. 18).


    Imagine we can do Fig 18 with phonons rather than photons in some long crystal rod.

    Each mechanical oscillator A & B is a trapped ion with internal qubits 1,0 eigenvalues at the two ends of the crystal rod ("magick wand" ;-))

    The coherent phonon Glauber states are z & z' for the center of mass motions of the ions.

    The initial state is

    |A,B>i =(1/2)^1/2[|1>A|z>A + |0>A|z'>A + |1>B|z>B + |0>B|z'>B]

    after the entanglement swapping via teleportation of the Glauber coherent phonon states the prepared final state is

    |A,B>f = (1/2)^1/2[|1>A|z>B + |0>A|z'>B + |1>B|z>A + |0>B|z'>A]

    Use the Born rule in density matrix trace formalism to get e.g.

    P(1)A = (1/2)(1 + | B<z|z'>B |^2)

    This violates the parameter independence no-signal arguments of orthodox quantum theory because the Glauber coherent states are macroscopically distinguishable and non-orthogonal.

    The Born probability rule breaks down in Antony Valentini's sense for Glauber states when they are entangled with other states.

    P(1)A + P(0)A = 1 + | B<z|z'>B |^2

    Not only can A & B be spacelike separated, but we can operate the "magick wand" in Wheeler delayed choice mode in which a tiny video camera is at B which transmits images and audio from A's future back to A in the past.

    Indeed, this solid state system can be packaged into an Apple I phone to take photographs of the future.

    No doubt those ET's in their magnificent flying disks have such crystals?

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