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Apr 25

Tegmark's Many World's Survey

Posted by: JackSarfatti
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My answers

 The controversy shows no sign of abating, as evidenced by the results of the following highly unscientific poll carried out by the author at the Perimeter Institute “Everett@50” Conference 9/22-07:

1. Do you believe that new physics violating the Schr ?odinger equation will make large quantum computers impossible? (4 Yes/ 29 No/11 Undecided)

Undecided - says Jack

2. Do you believe that all isolated systems obey the Schr ?odinger equation (evolve unitarily)? (17 Yes/10 No/20 Undecided)

Undecided - says Jack
3. Which interpretation of quantum mechanics is closest to your own?

• 2 Copenhagen or consistent histories (including postulate of explicit collapse)
• 5 Modified dynamics (Schrdinger equation modified to give explicit collapse)
• 19 Many worlds/consistent histories (no collapse) • 2 Bohm • 1.5 Modal • 22.5 None of the above/undecided

Bohm - says Jack

4. Do you feel comfortable saying that Everettian parallel universes are as real as our universe? (14 Yes/26 No/8 Undecided)

No -for Level III, yes for Levels I & II

to be continued - under construction


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