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From: JACK SARFATTI Date: June 27, 2010 2:39:21 PM PDT

Scientists see evidence that rules of particle physics may need a rewrite
(PhysOrg.com) -- Two separate collaborations involving Indiana University scientists have reported new results suggesting unexpected differences between neutrinos and their antiparticle brethren. These results could set the stage for what one IU physicist calls a 'radical modification of our understanding...

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Jack Sarfatti
The particle-antiparticle symmetry is built into the Dirac square root equation from the Klein-Gordon equation. Anti-particles are the negative energy solutions basically from the mass-shell condition

E =+- [(pc)^2 + (mc^2)^2]^1/2

same "m" a negative energy particle moving backward in time is same as a positive energy anti-particle moving forward in time. Also need the discrete CPT symmetry - it get's tricky why the "m" of the anti-particle is not the "m" of the particle - the "m" for leptons and quarks comes from the Higgs-Goldstone post-inflation vacuum superconductor (see Frank Wilzcek's "Lightness of Being")

Gareth Lee Meredith
Is this because in the Hamiltonian, the best way to describe a particle under E=Mc^2. is better described as E= +- Mc^2 in a Dirac Sea Model?

Jack Sarfatti
Since P, C, T need not be conserved conserved individually in the weak force, I suppose that is relevant to the difference in the "m"s (there are radiative corrections to the bare masses - very messy).

Jack Sarfatti
Special relativity demands E = +-Mc^2 - need both roots.

Gareth Lee Meredith
They have just as much REAL effects in the world - i know this.

Jack Sarfatti
Virtual particles are inside the vacuum. Real particles are outside the vacuum (analogous to excited states of a ground state). Jack Sarfatti
Real particles correspond to poles of the Feynman propagator in the complex energy plane - they are on mass-shell i.e.

E^2 = (pc)^2 + (mc^2)^2

the product of their conjugate uncertainties is greater than the quantum of action (neglecting dimensionless factor like 1/2 - matter of definition of "quantum of action") Virtual particles are off-mass-shell and the product of their conjugate uncertainties is less than the quantum of action.
Jack Sarfatti
PS of course virtual particles have observable effects

1) Casimir force

2) Lamb shift, anomalous magnetic moment of electron - all radiative corrections in quantum field theory

Jack Sarfatti
The vacuum is a coherent superfluid with geodesic motion analogous to superflow without viscosity

Jack Sarfatti
The geodesic equation for non-accelerating test particles is analogous to v = (h/m)Grad(coherent phase) of superflow.

Jack Sarfatti
Technically the Einstein gravity tetrad fields are functions of gradients of 8 coherent Higgs-Goldstone phases that emerge in the moment of inflation and are essentially the 8 strong force massless gluon phases, i.e. a unification of the compact internal SU3 gauge force with the non-compact T4 curved spacetime universal gravity coupling to all non-gravity fields.


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