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Lenny Susskind video on the hologram universe 27 January 2012
Quirky particles could explain universe's missing mass 01 June 2010
Plasma rocket could revolutionize space travel 01 June 2010
Physicists unlock mystery of subatomic particle 31 May 2010
C. P. Snow's Two Cultures Meet in Manhattan 31 May 2010
Official NASA view on climate change 31 May 2010
Purdue simulations of 911 WTC collapse & Pentagon crash 30 May 2010
Liquid method: pure graphene production 30 May 2010
How to think intelligently about the Gulf Oil Crisis 30 May 2010
Essay on limits of modern physics 30 May 2010
Lord Martin Rees, Head of Royal Society weighs in on man made climate change 30 May 2010
Aircraft sets hypersonic record at six times the speed of sound 29 May 2010
Ultra-high Speed Plus Fine-tuned Light Equals a Whole New Look at Materials 29 May 2010
Star Gate Studies in Argentina 28 May 2010
Timothy Boyer on Einstein's Equivalence Principle, ZPE & Thermodynamics 28 May 2010
Emergent gravity studies at UC Berkeley are disappointing. 28 May 2010
Red Chinese physicists hot on holographic universe studies 28 May 2010
Einstein's 1916 GR passes another observational test. 28 May 2010
Dark Energy Inflation w - -1 looks good still 28 May 2010
Anomaly in angular correlation of cosmic black body Big Bang radiation illusionary? 28 May 2010
"Biological" Network Structure of Large Scale Universe? 28 May 2010
Quantum Command Control Communication Networks - Future Tech 28 May 2010
NASA's cure for Lyme disease 28 May 2010
Europa's Churn Leads to Oxygen Burn 28 May 2010
FLASH Laser to Discoverey of New State of Matter 28 May 2010
Zeroing in on quantum effects 28 May 2010
Toward Quantum Gravity? Discrete Space, Dark Energy And the Real Line 28 May 2010
Mysterious M82 Radio Source Appears to Move 4 Times the Speed of Light 27 May 2010
Is time an illusion? Scientific American 27 May 2010
Scientist: Europa's Ice-Covered Oceans Full of Oxygen 27 May 2010
Seven atom transistor sets the pace for future PCs 27 May 2010
German physicists develop a quantum interface between light and atoms 27 May 2010
Solar Scientists Agree That the Sun's Recent Behavior is Odd, but the Explanation Remains Elusive 27 May 2010
What is the Far Far Future of the Universe? 27 May 2010
Martin Gardner is dead - Information, Good, Bad & Bogus 26 May 2010
Is string theory pseudo-physics or good physics? 1 26 May 2010
Ultra-high Speed Plus Fine-tuned Light Equals a Whole New Look at Materials 26 May 2010
Researchers analyze performance of first updatable holographic 3D display 26 May 2010
Muon's magnetic g-factor evidence for supersymmetry? 26 May 2010
Quantum Communication in Random Networks 26 May 2010
Can Humanity Design a Probe Capable of Visiting Another Star? 26 May 2010
Are we alone in this universe? 26 May 2010
Have Aliens Left the Universe? Theory Predicts We'll Follow 26 May 2010
Nearby Black Hole Is Feeble and Unpredictable 25 May 2010
Black hole shoved aside, along with 'central' dogma 25 May 2010
Physicists build quantum amplifier with single artificial atom 25 May 2010
Graphane yields new potential: Physicists dig theoretical wells to mine quantum dots 25 May 2010
Prototype Microsoft Displays Watch You Back 25 May 2010
Nuclear Reactor Aims for Self-Sustaining Fusion 25 May 2010
Is there any way to defend against a ballistic missile? 25 May 2010
Probing the heart and soul of star formation 24 May 2010
Superconductivity breakthrough could lead to more cost effective technologies 24 May 2010
Superconductivity breakthrough could lead to more cost effective technologies 24 May 2010
Darwinian spacecraft engine to last twice as long 24 May 2010
Theoretical Man: A Caltech Particle Physicist Comes to Iron Man's Aid 24 May 2010
The Fourth Roots of Reality - When Destiny & History Collide v2 24 May 2010
Physicists Develop a Quantum Interface Between Light and Atoms 24 May 2010
SETI Redux: Joining the Galactic Club 24 May 2010
Cool quarks 24 May 2010
How Duality Could Resolve Dark Matter Dilemma 24 May 2010
Moscow 'Halo' UFO: Asteroid warning from ETs claim scientists 24 May 2010
The Great Escape: Intergalactic Travel is Possible 24 May 2010
Hermits and Cranks: Lessons from Martin Gardner on Recognizing Pseudoscientists 23 May 2010
What’s taking so long, Mr. Babbage? 23 May 2010
Ultra-cold physics will be a hot topic at 2010 Houston APS meeting 23 May 2010
No oil spills with the nuclear option 23 May 2010
Net in the fast lane 23 May 2010
To X-37B Or Not To X-37B? That Is The Question 21 May 2010
The Edge of Physics: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Cosmology 21 May 2010
Japanese University Opens World's First Lab to Study DC Power Transmission Using Superconductors 21 May 2010
Probing the dark side of the universe 21 May 2010
Plasmonic Promises: First Observation of Plasmarons in Graphene 21 May 2010
Paper supercapacitor could power future paper electronics 21 May 2010
Will Primordial Gravitational Waves Provide a Test of Cosmological Theories? 21 May 2010
Lasers make measurement Einstein called 'impossible' 21 May 2010
Coherence in Quantum Thermodynamics - Solar Power Advance 21 May 2010
Experiments in Entanglement & Quantum Measurement in Open Systems 21 May 2010
Beating Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle? 21 May 2010
Ultra-secure quantum communications - another scam like financial derivatives? 20 May 2010
New experiments on Einstein's theory of Brownian motion. 20 May 2010
Fermilab Finds New Mechanism for Matter's Dominance over Antimatter 20 May 2010
Russians close to creating a magnetohydrodynamic plasma 'flying saucer' 20 May 2010
Dark matter 'no result' comes under fire 20 May 2010
Mystery of matter is behind the great darkness of our universe 20 May 2010
Synthetic Genome Brings New Life to Bacterium 20 May 2010
Matter beats out antimatter in experimental echo of creation 19 May 2010
Explained: The Carnot Limit and how to beat it! 19 May 2010
'Impossible' conductivity explained 19 May 2010
New nanoscale electrical phenomenon discovered 19 May 2010
Did exploding stars shatter life's mirror? 19 May 2010
Big bang, part 2: the second inflation 19 May 2010
Quantum snooper could make positive ID from one photon 19 May 2010
A physicist finds God in cosmic harmonies 19 May 2010
Did aliens hijack the Voyager 2 space probe? -- No, they didn't 19 May 2010
Water not always a guide to finding life 19 May 2010
On the Penrose-Hameroff Conjecture for Post-Quantum Mind 18 May 2010
History of the RAF's Vulcan Nuclear Bomber 18 May 2010
Busy Schedule for Rocket Obama Wants Scrapped 18 May 2010
Looking for critical behavior in graphene 18 May 2010
New evidence for significant matter-antimatter asymmetry not predicted by the standard model 18 May 2010
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