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New YBaCuO superconductors are synthesized by using the standard

solid state reaction method as Y5-6-11, Y7-9-16, Y5-8-13, Y7-11-18, Y156, Y3-8-11,

and Y13-20-23. We find that all material obtained show the Meissner effect at

77 K. The resistivity measurements were made by the four-probe method. The

Y 7-11-18 has the highest Tc onset at 109 K. The XRD spectra showed that

they have the same crystal structure as Y123 with some impurities peaks.

This is great metallurgy and materials science, but it's still far too low of a superconducting temperature for it to be practical in the real world.  109 K is minus 263 F.  Room temperature and far above is what we want!  To read more, click here.