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New Scope to Listen For Aliens 14 April 2010
NRO Chief Aims to Restore Technology Development Funding 14 April 2010
Astronomer: Earth-Like Planets Are Common...But 14 April 2010
Astronomers find 9 new planets and upset the theory of planetary formation 14 April 2010
Dusty experiments are solving interstellar water mystery 14 April 2010
Einstein's theory fights off challengers (w/ Video) 14 April 2010
Pinning Down a Proton: Researchers Develop Method to Describe Binding of Protons and Neutrons 14 April 2010
First blood to Atlas at the Large Hadron Collider 14 April 2010
Mysterious radio waves emitted from nearby galaxy 14 April 2010
Scholarpedia - reliable science information online 13 April 2010
Quantum Consciousness? 13 April 2010
Stellar 'pollution' may be remains of watery planets 13 April 2010
Graphene Films Clear Major Fabrication Hurdle 12 April 2010
Quantum Entanglement in the Interrogation Room 12 April 2010
Study shows that size affects structure of hollow nanoparticles 12 April 2010
New hope for ultimate clean energy: fusion power 12 April 2010
Swirling dust shocks physicists 12 April 2010
Flying the SR 71 11 April 2010
Exotic Quantum Spin-Liquid Simulated: A Starting Point for Superconductivity? 11 April 2010
Dark Energy from the quantum fluctuations of space-time limited in the event horizon of the universe 11 April 2010
How to dispose of nuclear waste? 11 April 2010
Can you hear me now? 11 April 2010
Alien Life on Titan Would Stink 11 April 2010
Researchers harness viruses to split water: Crucial step toward turning water into hydrogen fuel 11 April 2010
Eerie Silence: author wants to expand search for E.T. 11 April 2010
APS April 2010 cosmic gammas, protons & dark matter WIMPED out 10 April 2010
Influence of global cosmological expansion on NASA Pioneer Spacecraft local dynamics and kinematics 10 April 2010
Quantum Radiation from Superluminal Refractive-Index Perturbations 09 April 2010
Unified Framework for Correlations in Terms of Local Quantum Observables 09 April 2010
Local Quantum Measurement and No-Signaling Imply Quantum Correlations 09 April 2010
First Pictures: Mystery Disk Eclipses Star 09 April 2010
Does Our Universe Live Inside a Wormhole? 09 April 2010
Enter the matrix: the deep law that shapes our reality 09 April 2010
Electrical signal transmission via spin waves 09 April 2010
Closing in on a carbon-based solar cell 09 April 2010
Time waits for no quasar – even though it should 09 April 2010
Atom-grabbing "black hole" created 09 April 2010
Scientists Putting 'em Under Pressure at The Big Squeeze Event 09 April 2010
Quantum spin-liquid simulated - a starting point for superconductivity? 09 April 2010
Physicists Measure Material Hotter Than the Sun 09 April 2010
Exploring Beneath Antarctic Ice 09 April 2010
Cosmology & Time Travel for Beginners by John Gribbin 08 April 2010
Some interesting conceptual physics papers. 08 April 2010
Fourmilab: The Digital Imprimatur 08 April 2010
Meta Math book by Gregory Chaitin 07 April 2010
H.P. Says New Device Could Revolutionize Chips 07 April 2010
Astronomers Take Close-Up Pictures of Mysterious Dark Object 07 April 2010
Einstein equations indicate possibility of black hole formation at the LHC 07 April 2010
Scientists discover new principle in material science 07 April 2010
Ordinary T-shirts could become body armor 07 April 2010
Self-Powered Nanotechnology Closer to Reality 07 April 2010
Finally, Element 117 Is Here! 07 April 2010
Scientists say free will probably doesn't exist, but urge: "Don't stop believing!" 07 April 2010
Zoologger: The mud creature that lives without oxygen 07 April 2010
SETI@50: Only a matter of time, says Frank Drake 07 April 2010
New strong magnetic material 05 April 2010
Ray Chiao's papers on electro-gravitics in superconductors 05 April 2010
Antony Valentini's "signal nonlocality" 05 April 2010
Matt Visser's Star Gate Physics 05 April 2010
Michael Berry physics papers 05 April 2010
Yakir Aharonov physics papers 05 April 2010
Paul Davies physics papers 05 April 2010
'Sound Bullets' Could Blast Subs, Cancer 05 April 2010
Engineers turn noise into vision 05 April 2010
Aharonov - Back From The Future 04 April 2010
Possible superconductivity at 109 K in YBaCuO materials 04 April 2010
Aging Gene Found to Govern Lifespan, Immunity and Resilience 04 April 2010
Significant Step Toward Lightweight Batteries 04 April 2010
Physicists demonstrate 100-fold speed increase in optical quantum memory 04 April 2010
Picking our brains: How many ways can we be conscious? 04 April 2010
Unmanned Space Shuttle to Get Trial Run 04 April 2010
Nasa technology used on Mars "could prevent water wars on Earth" 03 April 2010
Can we see evidence of quantum gravity? A thought experiment says for some models, no 03 April 2010
ET and me: the man who'll welcome the aliens 03 April 2010
How Should Earth Respond When Aliens Say Hello? 03 April 2010
Greenwood Finds History of Lunar Water in Meteorite 03 April 2010
Mass of the Common Quark Finally Nailed Down 02 April 2010
Hostile volcanic lake teems with life 02 April 2010
The day the Earth froze: An hour-long storm started a mini ice age, say scientists 02 April 2010
How your brain remembers the future 02 April 2010
Laser 'punch' could bump up fusion power 02 April 2010
Laser 'punch' could bump up fusion power 02 April 2010
Liquid asset: The damp side of the moon 02 April 2010
Charging Ahead: Carbon Nanotubes Could Hold Long-Sought Battery Technology Breakthrough 02 April 2010
Drug That Extends Life Span Prevents Alzheimer's Deficits 02 April 2010
Invisibility cloak that generates virtual images gets closer to realization 02 April 2010
Ten Phenomena That the Scientific Community Can't Explain 01 April 2010
John Cramer's Back From The Future Physics 01 April 2010
Exotic matter: Another dimension for anyons 01 April 2010
Life at the SETI Institute: Laurence Doyle, A Man of Many Firsts 01 April 2010
CERN Large Hadron Collider search for supersymmetry 31 March 2010
Advance in Meta-Material Physics 31 March 2010
Is the vacuum superconducting? 31 March 2010
Nonlocality in Quantum Communication Theory 31 March 2010
Can Einstein's theory of gravity be extended to explain anomalies? 31 March 2010
Latest Review on Precision Cosmology of Dark Energy and Dark Matter 31 March 2010
Hawking Radiation Horizon Hologram Quantum Computer Physics 31 March 2010
Cosmological Influence on NASA Pioneer Anomaly? 31 March 2010
World record: German supercomputer simulates quantum computer 31 March 2010
Picturing the Proton 31 March 2010
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