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From a classical laser to a 'quantum laser' 31 March 2010
New Path To Solar Energy Via Solid-State Photovoltaics 31 March 2010
Carbon nanostructures -- elixir or poison? 31 March 2010
Simulating Life on Mars 31 March 2010
Dark Matters 31 March 2010
Advances in quantum computing software 31 March 2010
Progress in Star Gate Physics from Portugal 31 March 2010
Generating anti-gravity dark energy in the lab for warp drive? 31 March 2010
Nonlocality in teleparallel post-Einstein gravity theory 31 March 2010
L. Smolin paper on Hawking-Susskind debate horizon information loss 31 March 2010
Backreaction alternative to dark energy acceleration of universe 31 March 2010
Can we detect parallel universes? 31 March 2010
21 cm hydrogen atomic line probe of dark energy 31 March 2010
Physicists in Israel working on the black hole bomb theory 31 March 2010
Emergent Hologram Gravity paper from China 31 March 2010
Magnetic fields change brain 31 March 2010
Emergent Gravity paper 31 March 2010
Cal Tech Course in Theoretical Physics John Preskill 30 March 2010
New Method for Predicting and Describing How Materials Break 30 March 2010
Video: The Universe is expanding at an ever-faster rate 30 March 2010
Square Kilometer Array: The international radio telescope for the 21st century 30 March 2010
What are 'mini' black holes? 30 March 2010
Atom smasher achieves 'Big Bang' collisions (Update) 30 March 2010
A Grand Unified Theory of Artificial Intelligence 30 March 2010
Alien planet hunter develops a blind spot 30 March 2010
Large Hadron Collider – Live! 30 March 2010
Large Hadron Collider Finally Smashing Properly 30 March 2010
Aliens in The Mist ;-) 30 March 2010
New NASA Hubble Dark Matter Map in 3D 30 March 2010
New milestone for CERN's LHC 30 March 2010
Pendry to speak on 'cloak of invisibility' 29 March 2010
Prototype for a new astronomical detector 29 March 2010
An unexpected cosmic current 29 March 2010
Stretchy metals recoil 29 March 2010
U.S. Navy Seeks ISR, Strike UAVs 29 March 2010
An Avalanche of Asteroids 29 March 2010
From Biomass to Chemicals in One Step 29 March 2010
Anybody out there? 29 March 2010
Sir Roger Penrose FRS Lecture on Physics & Consciousness 29 March 2010
Astronomers discover 90 per cent more universe 29 March 2010
Government Seeks Innovation from Empty Space 29 March 2010
Scientists discover world's smallest superconductor 29 March 2010
Review of quantum physics and consciousness 28 March 2010
Scientists discover self-repair mechanism in radiation-damaged materials inside nuclear reactors 28 March 2010
6 Space Oddities of The Year So Far 28 March 2010
Fourmilab Review of Sean Carroll's From Eternity to Here 28 March 2010
Individual Light Atoms, Such as Carbon and Oxygen, Identified With New Microscope 28 March 2010
Gerard 't Hooft formulates the hologram principle of geometrodynamics 27 March 2010
Stochastic resonance noise enhances fidelity of quantum teleportation 27 March 2010
New Proof Unknown "Structures" Tug at Our Universe 27 March 2010
Hubble telescope shows Universe expansion is speeding up and proves Einstein's theory 27 March 2010
Research concludes there is no 'simple theory of everything' inside the enigmatic E8 27 March 2010
Revolutionary New Solution for Semiconductor, Nano Materials 27 March 2010
Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information, Say Physicists 27 March 2010
Babbage nanomachine promises low-energy computing 27 March 2010
Microbes thrive in harsh, Mars-like lakes 27 March 2010
Laser warfare takes to the waves 27 March 2010
Work on new Orion spacecraft continues at Cleveland's NASA Glenn Research Center 27 March 2010
Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) Fusion Systems for Space Propulsion 27 March 2010
Conjectures Regarding Extreme Relativistic Gamma Factors For Manned Interstellar Space Craft 27 March 2010
Cambridge University Lectures in Mathematics 26 March 2010
How to study theoretical physics correctly 26 March 2010
Misconceptions about Einstein's theory of gravity. 25 March 2010
Counting the 'Holes' in High-Temperature Superconductors 25 March 2010
Cuts cast doubt on asteroid plan 25 March 2010
Navy laser weapon goes through early tests 25 March 2010
World's Largest Particle Collider May Unlock Secrets of Universe 25 March 2010
NASA Mars Rover Getting Smarter as It Gets Older 25 March 2010
Astronomers Confirm Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Accelerating Cosmic Expansion 25 March 2010
Europa on Earth 25 March 2010
Conical nanocarbon structures could lead to flexible, transparent field emission displays 25 March 2010
Safer nuclear reactors could result from new research 25 March 2010
Mars Express buzzes Phobos, one of the Red Planet's two tiny moons 25 March 2010
Royal astronomer goes in search of ET 25 March 2010
After 20 years, local physicist gets patent for magnet 24 March 2010
Local astrobiologists seek ancient water on Earth 24 March 2010
Possible new human ancestor found in Siberia 24 March 2010
Cooling a "Macroscopic" object to its Quantum Ground State 24 March 2010
U of A-led experiment at CERN could rewrite laws of physics 24 March 2010
New "Podkletnov" paper by Ray Chiao 24 March 2010
Can a Chemist Deliver Distributed Energy from a Water Bottle? 24 March 2010
Chemists taken in by Cold Fusion . . . AGAIN 24 March 2010
Friction in the quantum community 24 March 2010
Why Black Holes Do Not Absorb Dark Matter? 23 March 2010
Light Controls Matter, Matter Controls X-rays 23 March 2010
Can Life on Titan Thrive Without Water? 23 March 2010
Star Trek-style force-field armour being developed by military scientists 23 March 2010
Mars as you've never seen it before: The colossal ice walls that show another side of the Red Planet 23 March 2010
Large Hadron Collider experiment on March 30 23 March 2010
Physicists create carbon magnetism by removing atoms from graphite 23 March 2010
Why Black Holes May Constitute All Dark Matter 23 March 2010
Turning Quantum Dots Into Spintronic Transistors 23 March 2010
Public support for nuclear power at new peak 23 March 2010
Missing matter has no place to hide 23 March 2010
Virgin Galactic Flies Passenger Spaceship and Mothership for First Time 23 March 2010
The Multiplying Mystery of Moonwater 21 March 2010
Saturn may have oxygen atmosphere, reveals Cassini's latest snapshot 21 March 2010
Are we alone? 21 March 2010
Brown physicist discovers odd, fluctuating magnetic waves 21 March 2010
German Satellite to Help Detect Threats to Earth 20 March 2010
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