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Michael Cohen
Last year in December, worldwide media outlets ran a story that enthralled UFO enthusiasts and others curious about the possibility of alien vistation to our planet and the existence of extraterrestrial life.
A huge pyramid UFO had been seen by many and filmed by at least one witness as it hovered above The Kremlin in Moscow. The video became a hit on YouTube and other sites. Hundreds of witnesses also reported seeing the UFO, however shortly after the film was released a campaign to discredit the sighting appeared to have swung into action.
Witnesses were visited by what seemed to be plain clothes police officers and asked to remain silent over the event. Any further footage was confiscated. Stories began circulating about buildings in the footage that no longer existed despite experts confirming this was not the case.
Now a brave witness has had the courage to post a second piece of footage (Video below) of the event: Filmed from an apartment in Moscows suburbs.

Sergei Ahmedayov attests that this footage was taken by him from his bedroom window as the craft hovered for hours on the very same day the Kremlin UFO was filmed. He also attests that all of his family saw the event too.

'I am sure this is an ET sapceship and I am not scared to show it' he defiantly commented.
It is now known that these pyramid shaped UFOs are the long haul spacecraft used by a civilization originating from Orion Constellation: These humanoid aliens have been interacting with humanity for thousands of years and arrived in this galaxy from Andromeda millions of years ago.

I tend to take any material from this source with a generous grain of salt. To view the video discussed sbove, click here.
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