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E-beam atomic-scale 3-D 'sculpting' could enable new quantum nanodevices 19 September 2020
Nano-microscope gives first direct observation of the magnetic properties of 2D materials 19 September 2020
The Reaper Drone Just Might Become America's New Fighter Plane 19 September 2020
Device could help detect signs of extraterrestrial life 18 September 2020
New design principles for spin-based quantum materials 18 September 2020
Unusual thermal diode rectifies heat in both directions 18 September 2020
Ionizing radiation may hinder popular qubit technology 18 September 2020
Are You Ready for the Quantum Computing Revolution? 18 September 2020
Can life survive a star's death? Webb telescope can reveal the answer 17 September 2020
Former Los Alamos physicist gets probation for failing to disclose China ties 17 September 2020
Scientists Find Efficient Way to Convert Carbon Dioxide into Ethylene 17 September 2020
Great progress for electronic gadgets of the future 17 September 2020
Reviewing the quantum material 'engine room' 17 September 2020
Constraining the preservation of organic compounds in Mars analog nontronites after exposure to acid and alkaline fluids 17 September 2020
Floating graphene on a sheet of calcium atoms 17 September 2020
Venus Might Host Life, New Discovery Suggests 14 September 2020
Physicists discover new magnetoelectric effect 14 September 2020
New Hubble data suggests there is an ingredient missing from current dark matter theories 14 September 2020
Quantum for All 14 September 2020
The Hall effect links superconductivity and quantum criticality in a strange metal 14 September 2020
Japan to Take Ultra-High Definition Images of Mars Using 8K Camera 14 September 2020
Exoplanets Could Be Made of Diamonds, Study Says 14 September 2020
'Many Exciting Things' In Store For Battery Day, Tweets Tesla CEO Elon Musk 11 September 2020
Quirky response to magnetism presents quantum physics mystery 11 September 2020
Jupiter's moons could be warming each other 11 September 2020
New Study Finds at Least 45 Planets With Qualities Similar to Earth 10 September 2020
How big money is powering a massive hunt for alien intelligence 10 September 2020
SpaceX’s Dark Satellites Are Still Too Bright 10 September 2020
Juno at Jupiter 10 September 2020
Artificial Intelligence Solved the Puzzle of DNA Activation Code for Identifying 75% of Human Genes 10 September 2020
Do as plants do: Novel photocatalysts can perform solar-driven conversion of CO2 into fuel 10 September 2020
Superconductors are super resilient to magnetic fields 10 September 2020
New light amplifier can boost the potential of photonics 10 September 2020
An Intrinsically Magnetic Topological Insulator 10 September 2020
Silk hard drive stores optical data 10 September 2020
A New Dark Force? 10 September 2020
First Organic Molecule on Earth Might Exist Today Elsewhere in the Solar System 10 September 2020
Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10 million star systems 09 September 2020
Blood and Silicon: New Electronics-Cooling System Mimics Human Capillaries 09 September 2020
Quantum Simulations of Curved Space 09 September 2020
New photocatalyst makes liquid fuel with few unwanted byproducts 09 September 2020
Physicists Develop Nano-Sized SQUID Capable of Detecting Extremely Faint Magnetic Fields 09 September 2020
First U.S. Small Nuclear Reactor Design Is Approved 09 September 2020
A Quantum Culture Shift 08 September 2020
Jupiter’s Ocean Moons Raise One Another’s Tides 08 September 2020
Entangled light is unscrambled using entanglement itself 08 September 2020
Lightweight green supercapacitors could charge devices in a jiffy 08 September 2020
Europe's First Artificial Intelligence Space Missions 08 September 2020
One of quantum physics’ greatest paradoxes may have lost its leading explanation 07 September 2020
Elon Musk Admits He is Scared of Google as He Calls Deepmind's Digital Superintelligence an 'Unintentional Trojan Horse' 07 September 2020
Up Is Down in This Fun Physics Experiment 07 September 2020
Are aliens hiding in plain sight? (no, they're not hiding) 07 September 2020
“We are Spaceships” –Extraterrestrial Viruses May Have Influenced Origin and Evolution of Life 06 September 2020
New evidence that the quantum world is even stranger than we thought 05 September 2020
Molecule’s electronic structure is simulated on a quantum computer 05 September 2020
Exploring Alien Oceans 05 September 2020
NASA Patents Faster, Cheaper Route For Traveling to the Moon 04 September 2020
Google’s Quantum Computer Achieves Chemistry Milestone 04 September 2020
Unexpected electrical current that could stabilize fusion reactions 04 September 2020
Splitting water molecules for a renewable energy future 04 September 2020
Gravity, Gizmos, and a Grand Theory of Interstellar Travel 04 September 2020
Near-Optimal Chip-Based Photon Source Developed for Quantum Computing 04 September 2020
Want to Talk to Aliens? Try Changing the Technological Channel beyond Radio 03 September 2020
Can life exist around a black hole? 03 September 2020
New study suggests we all might be children of alien organisms 03 September 2020
Scientists Say Life Could Survive Inside Stars 03 September 2020
Graphene gets bent 01 September 2020
Diamond defects reveal viscous currents in graphene 01 September 2020
Drawing a Line in the Sky: Astronomers Confront Satellite Threat 01 September 2020
Researchers manipulate two bits in one atom 01 September 2020
Memory in a metal, enabled by quantum geometry 01 September 2020
SpaceX's Super Heavy Booster Assembly Begins 'This Week,' Says Elon Musk 01 September 2020
The Celera 500L Can Potentially Shake Up the Private Aviation Industry 01 September 2020
Asteroid Bigger Than Great Pyramid of Giza May Pass Earth Next Week 01 September 2020
New evidence for quantum fluctuations near a quantum critical point in a superconductor 31 August 2020
Quantum computers may be heading underground to shield from cosmic rays 31 August 2020
The Black Hole Paradox Where Relativity and Quantum Physics Meet 29 August 2020
A Black Hole Paradox Where Relativity and Quantum Physics Meet 29 August 2020
‘Reluctant’ metals make a new state of matter 28 August 2020
Google conducts largest chemical simulation on a quantum computer to date 28 August 2020
One Theory Beyond the Standard Model Could Allow Wormholes that You Could Actually Fly Through 28 August 2020
At the corner of life, the universe, and everything 27 August 2020
How Close Are Computers to Automating Mathematical Reasoning? 27 August 2020
Photonics researchers report a breakthrough in miniaturizing light-based chips 27 August 2020
On the track of unconventional superconductivity, researchers are charting unknown territory 27 August 2020
Quantum simulation of quantum crystals 27 August 2020
Quantum error correction achieved using oscillator grid states 27 August 2020
Bold proposal to tackle one of the biggest barriers to more renewable energy 27 August 2020
Free-Floating Exoplanets May Outnumber Stars in Milky Way 27 August 2020
Photonics researchers report breakthrough in miniaturizing light-based chips 26 August 2020
Researchers on a path to build powerful and practical quantum computer 26 August 2020
Massapanspermia Theory: The Transfer of Bacteria Between Planets 26 August 2020
Beating noise via superposition of order 26 August 2020
Interview: The NDB team on its revolutionary nano-diamond batteries 26 August 2020
Algorithm finds 50 hidden planets missed by human scientists 26 August 2020
Eerie Radio Signals Coming From Space Are Some of the Biggest Mysteries Out There 26 August 2020
We Just Got More Evidence Bacteria Could Survive The Journey Between Earth And Mars 26 August 2020
If bacteria band together, they can survive for years in space 26 August 2020
Planetwide Storms May Have Filled Lakes, Rivers on Ancient Mars 26 August 2020
Could Planet 9 be a primordial black hole? 25 August 2020